I know there’s been some things in my life that I have done that have tried to keep me from God’s very best, but I’m saying bye to it and saying yes to your promises. God, I’m saying bye to those things that have kept me out of the freedom that you’ve called me to. I’m saying bye to that.

And yes to you. I’m gone to that. But yes to you, Lord. I’m leaving the past behind. I’m leaving those things behind. I’m going away from those things. I cannot stay in these old wineskins any longer. We have been talking about, we have been in this series called The Kingdom of God, and I was just wondering, I’m gonna talk about Kingdom Living.

And one of the things that’s been important is what I do after each service. I ask the Lord, is there anything I need to change? I go to Pastor Terry and I ask, Hey, what was that? Anything I need to change? And then then the first person that I want to, I look for her, but she’s always talking and looking for somebody.

I look for Vanessa, and I say, Vanessa, what do you think? You know how, because I really want to, if there’s something I need to change or whatever, between services. And my wife said to. [00:01:00] She gave me these words. She said, honey, you are an excellent communicator. You’re a good preacher. And I was like, this is so good.