For over 25 years, Sojourn Church has been supporting missionaries around the world as they share the Gospel of the Kingdom with people in their nations. We are able to provide a significant level of support to these people because of your generosity. Some of you are new to the family of Sojourn and we want to give everyone an opportunity to sow into the nations by donating monthly to reach people in Romania, India, Turkey, Europe, and Asia.

If you’d like to give, please click on the link to let us know how much you would like to commit for the year. If you’d like to know more about the people we support, please read a brief description below. Note, missionary names are left off of online publications for their protection, please contact the church office directly for more information.

Europe and 10/40 Window

Agape Church and Apostolic Ministry, Romania
Agape Church and Apostolic Ministry, Romania

We first met these missionaries in 1990 on our first trip to Romania, as apostolic ministers who travel throughout Romania, Moldavia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, China and other nations around the world. They oversee Agape Christian Church which is the first non-denominational, charismatic church in Romania. They oversee a number of Pastors and leaders throughout the region, helping them to minister the life and love of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They continue to lead Agape Christian Church which is the flagship church for many churches in the region of Romania and Moldavia.

Additional Partner Ministries

Mercy Ministries

Mercy Ministries focuses on rescuing women out of prostitution in Northeast India, evangelizes them and re-trains them with usable skills, provides education for their children. Mercy Ministries also has a Lepers Home rescuing Lepers from homelessness, sheltering them and converting them to Christ.

House of Palms

House of Palms is a ministry rescuing young girls and women from the Banchada UPG (unreached people group), which is the prostitution Caste in Northern India. These ladies are evangelized, educated and receive marketable skills.

Living Water Old Age Home

Living Water Old Age Home rescues homeless elderly Hindus, shelters them and leads them to Christ.


SAT7 is a media ministry that broadcasts to Muslim countries in North Africa and all of the Middle East. It is almost impossible to send missionaries into these areas. Because of this ministry, nearly 30,000,000 Muslim Background Believers are regularly viewing Christian discipleship content. 80% of the presenters are national

Christian Society, Nepal

Through the Christian Society in Nepal, Christian Freedoms are being protected and Pastors are being trained to plant, develop and feed new churches in the Hindu and Buddhist world.

The Great Awakening Project

Our Missionaries’ newest endeavor is The Great Awakening Project which is working with 150 national and international leaders in 7 spheres of influence to bring revival to the Church in every state in and then Nations around the world.

Turkey / Iran


We met these two missionaries in 1997 and have seen the work they have been doing over the years. They are currently meeting the needs of Syrian refugees seeking asylum from persecution. These families arrive, unable to speak the language, unable to have jobs, and with nothing more than the clothes on their backs. To assist these refugees, our missionaries rented a facility and installed 7 washing machines. 150 families use the facilities during the week, and the waitlist continues to grow. The machines run non-stop Monday-Friday averaging 50 loads per day. This is one of the ways basic needs are being met.

Additionally, the ministry provides education and language support to children in the neighborhood. Through language support, these children become the primary translators for the community.

These projects are 100% funded by donations meeting the outlay of approximately $3,500 per month. This does not account for the replacement of machines or school supplies.

Our missionaries are also helping refugees with job creation, using skills and experience from their homeland. One family has been able to start a tiling and home decoration business, another family has developed a welding business and another is thriving from a basket weaving business. The ministry provides materials and supplies so that the business can prosper.


New Covenant Church of Ephesus
New Covenant Church of Ephesus

New Covenant Church of Ephesus – resurrected from the ruins where the gospel first spread to the world. Sojourn began supporting this ministry in 2021.

In 2021, the church was able to again meet in person following mandated quarantines and saw a hunger for the word and gathering together. Many people desired to be baptized, a huge statement in a region predominantly Muslim. Renouncing their faith by being baptized could mean loss of life, job and most certainly family.

The church suffered another difficulty in that their worship leader was deported, and the founding pastors returned to the US, following the tragic fatal accident of their daughter. Two couples have agreed to assist with leadership during the transition.

The church is meeting in a rented space and are hoping to locate and move to a building of their own in the near future. They are praying and seeking donations toward this goal.

Northeast India and Asia

Asian Mission Outreach, Nepal, India, Bhutan
Asian Mission Outreach, Nepal, India, Bhutan

Our relationship here began in 1995, just 10 years after starting Asian Mission Outreach. The missionaries reach thousands of Hindus, Buddhists and animistic tribal people through sharing the gospel in crusades and conferences. They support orphanages, churches and elder care. Thousands of people have come to a relationship with Christ through the work of Asian Mission Outreach.

Each year they host nearly 1,000 women to attend a conference especially for them to help them know who they are in Christ. The conference is no charge for them to attend, with AMO absorbing the entire cost. They also host the Deeper Live Conference were pastors and leaders come from the region to be encouraged in their faith and supported in the ministry they provide through their churches. Currently, the conference center, where these conferences are held, suffered significant damage to the roof during a Tsunami. Repairs are underway, but slow due to expenses and the backlog of supplies worldwide.

Through your support, AMO provides schools and education the region. The ministry is able to provide bibles to new believers, food to people in the far provinces of the area as well as in refugee centers.

AMO supports two orphanages where children are being cared for and hearing the truth of the Gospel every day.
Baptism is a very significant event in the lives of all believers. Especially so for people of the Hindu, Buddhist and Muslim religions where people can lose their families, their jobs and sometimes their lives in participating in this sacrament of Christ. Nevertheless, many are coming to the Lord and being baptized in the northeast area of India because of the ministry of Asian Mission Outreach.

House of Grace, Thailand
House of Grace, Thailand

Since 1971, Global Servants has been rescuing girls from the danger of being sold into prostitution. Their mission is “Saving little girls for big destinies.” The ministry offers the adults living in remote hill-tribe villages an alternative to selling their daughters to human traffickers. Global Servants has never paid to rescue girls, rather they illustrate that allowing House of Grace to care for and educate their daughters is a better long-term investment. Upon graduation, these girls continue to higher learning to become educators, medical professionals, financial professionals and legal professionals who will transform the culture of Thailand. As of 2021, and because of our long-term relationship with Dr. Mark Rutland, Sojourn has committed monthly to support the work of House of Grace – Thailand.


Worldwide Outreach – Itinerant Missions
Worldwide Outreach – Itinerant Missions

We have been supporting two missionaries since the early 1990’s. They have pastored churches in America and in Central America, served as missionaries in a number of countries since 1964. As missionaries for Sojourn Church they have ministered in Ukraine, Russia, India, Mexico and Cuba. For the last several years they have ministered in Poland and Bulgaria. Their ministry is teaching leadership seminars, doing evangelistic work and helping pastors in existing churches to become more effective. During 2022 they traveled together in Poland and also went to Bulgaria.
They plan to minister again in Poland during 2023.

Additional Ministries and Support

In addition to the regular monthly donations to these ministries, your giving helps to support ministries around the world who help in times of natural disaster. Through Life Outreach International and Somebody Cares, International, people have been able to access much needed water in third world nations, as well as rebuilding after catastrophic events where they’ve lost everything. These ministries provide on ground assistance with supplies, food and physical labor.

We’ve also periodically partnered with Global Grace Fellowship, Bernie Moore Ministries, Christ for the Nations, Alpha Omega Ministries and Iran Alive which are all ministries that are spreading the gospel beyond our domestic borders.