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And then ultimately they came from me and there was no one left to speak up for me. Who’s gonna speak up is the question, who’s gonna use their voice? Will we sing a little bit louder or will we stop singing and move to action?

Come with me to Proverbs chapter six. Proverbs chapter six, and we’ll pick it up reading from verses 16 through 19. Proverbs chapter six, verses 16 through 19. The word of the Lord reads these six things, death the Lord hate. Ye seven are an abomination unto him. There are seven things that are detestable to God.

We could call these things God’s seven pet peeves. We all [00:01:00] have pet peeves. Some of us have different pet peeves. Peeve, I said in the first service that my pet peeve is when someone smacks while they’re eating. I don’t know, it sends a chill down my spine , the sound of smacking , and I just got on someone’s nerve by doing that , and maybe your spouse doesn’t like for you to leave your socks, in the bed or on the ground or whatever it is.

We all have pet peeves and what we try to do, if we love a person, we make sure we don’t mess up on the pet peeves. And so there are seven pet peeves here that God renders to us today for us to add here to. And if you want to love God better, make sure you don’t mess up on these pet peeves. Number one, God hates a proud look.

He hates pride. During the month of [00:02:00] January, February, March, April, may, and during the month of June, we have set aside a month to Glory Fi. Pride. Mankind has vaunted himself in a manner where we are celebrating lifestyles that are antithetical to the word of God. And for a person’s psychological health and ability, God despise is pride.

Number two, he hates a lying. Number three, hands that shed Innocent blood. Yeah. Number four, A heart that creates evil concepts. A heart that devises wicked imaginations. A mind that conjures up new and inventive ways to sin. [00:03:00] Feet that be swift and running to mischief busy bodies, people who are quick to run to the scene to create chaos.

We witnessed during the summer of 2020 the mischief or the busy bodies. Join Antifa and B L M. They ran from city to city, creating anarchy. Verse 19, A false witness that speak of lies and he that soth discord amongst the brethren. It’s from verse 17 that I will take my focus this morning. God says that he hates those hands that shed innocent blood.

I wanna preach a message entitled Murder. She wrote Murder. She wrote For the next few moments I will talk about the true racism of abortion. I will talk about those who claim to be woke. [00:04:00] I also talk about planned planted in the Hood Parenthood, Margaret Sanger and the church Murder she wrote is a was an American crime drama television series starring Angela LANs.

Who played Jessica Fletcher as mystery writer and amateur detective. The series aired for 12 seasons with 264 episodes from 1984 to 1996 on the CBS b S network. In IT type it had 30 million live view. . The show mostly starts with the preview of the episode’s events with Jessica stating tonight on Murder.

She wrote. Jessica invariably proves more perceptive than the official investigators of the case who are almost always willing to arrest the most likely suspect by carefully piecing together clues and asking astute questions. She fools the authorities into [00:05:00] arresting her chosen suspect as real murder.

Whereas Murder she wrote was a fictional drama depicting heinous acts. Today we have our own true and living murder. She wrote issue that was etched out by the hands of a woman by the name of Margaret Sanger. It was once said that a sermon without a point is a pointless sermon. . And if there’s any point that I would want for you to take from this sermon this morning, it is that God judges us individually, but it judges nations.

Collectively, when God prepares to send judgment upon a nation, it’s going to be upon the collective climate and health of that era, even in the same way that he did so through Sodom and [00:06:00] Gamar. God wanted to spare the city, but he couldn’t find enough righteous people in. The city, him. And today, God judges us individually, which means that we don’t get saved on the family plan.

Salvation doesn’t work like Boost Mobile. It doesn’t work like Verizon. It doesn’t work like cricket and at and t and Sprint and Patriot Mobile. It doesn’t work like all of those things, but we must come to God as an individual. The Bible says that we all shall stand before the judgment seat of Christ to give an answer of what we have done in our bodies, whether it be good or bad.

Paul goes on to say, and knowing the terror of the Lord, we persuade men. So the Gospel’s intent is to persuade your heart to Misha and catch hold to heaven. To miss the rough path and join what we call the narrow way, right? Because the [00:07:00] narrow way leads to righteousness. And the Pledge of Allegiance.

We would say today that we are one nation under indivisible with liberty and justice. For who All, for all, under God endorses a particular religious. Belief. What God are we signifying when we say that we are under God? We are promoting the Jo Judeo Christian concept. I believe that the God that has made this nation, what it is the God of the Bible.

And so as long as we serve that God, and so as long as. That God, great God will smile upon this country. A big hand clap goes there.

But [00:08:00] today we have become a nation of little gods. We are not under God. We are puffed up. We are prideful. We are arrogant In our disposition before God, we tell God what is right and what’s wrong. Today we tell God. Whether or not a baby in the womb is a full life or not, right? We have the created instructing the creator.

How is that possible? Is it possible for the inmate to run the asylum? But today we have little man telling God what is right and what is true. The Bible says, whoa, to those who call evil. Good. And good evil who put darkness for light and light for darkness. Who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter?

Know God knows best and things work best down [00:09:00] here when we do it God’s way. Proverbs chapter 14, verse 34 says that righteousness exalts a. Amen. But sin reduces a nation. Amen. It’s a reproach to any people. If you want the favor of God, let that nation serve God and the beauty of holiness. But if you want to get the ire of God, if you want to reap the venge, the vengeance of God and the wrath of God, let that nation stray away from God.

And we see this taking place in Second Samuel Chapter 21. In verse one, the Bible says that there was a famine in the days of David. For three years, year after year. So it was a consecutive famine and David goes and inquires of the Lord. He prays and asks God, why is this happening? And the Lord answered and said, it is for Saul and for his bloody house because he [00:10:00] slew the gibeonites.

Now, this took place 30 years. After the death of Saul, so God is sending judgment upon David’s leadership and his reign, not because of something that David did himself, but because of something that Saul had did, had done 30 years prior. And what did he do? He killed the Gibbon ice. The Gibbon ice were tricksters.

They came from a surrounding city and they lied and told Israel that, we’re trying to become amalgamated into you. We saw the great things that your God has done through you as you came over to Canaan and you defeated the King of Jericho in the King of I. And we want to find a way to serve you as your brothers and sisters.

But they relying, they were from a border. City, and they wanted to find the way to become amalgamated into Israel [00:11:00] so that they could spare the judgment upon themselves. And the leaders of Israel did not inquire of God. They did not pray and ask God whether or not they should join with them. They made it an unholy allegiance, not knowing that they were putting themselves in a tough s.

Saul comes along and says, since the majority of them resided near his neighboring city, he says, you know what? I’m going to kill them and forget the agreement that we have made to allow them to live because of that. God sins a famine upon the land because God was concerned about the bloodshed of the Gibeon Unites year one.

The ground produced no crops. The bra, the ground became brass. The heavens would not send forth the formal or the latter rain. We even see that the cattle began to die year two. . David is shaking in his [00:12:00] boot. He’s saying, okay, something is wrong here who cut the word off? And David begins to make his way towards Jerusalem in year three, and God tells him this is happening because of the evil act of killing the Gibeon Knights that Saul did 30 years prior to Saul.

Today, if God would send judgment. A nation because of killing innocent people who were chesters. What do you think God is going to do to America for killing nearly 70 million babies and counting God is going to sin a famine. So if you’re trying to figure out why we’re in this current climate as a nation, why we’re in this current climate as a church, why is the public school system in shambles.

Why is there’s so much indoctrination and lies being told. It’s because we [00:13:00] are in a spiritual famine. Amen. And when you’re in a famine, common sense becomes uncommon. The stadium’s crease of smashing grabs. You have treacherous people who will walk up to an elderly woman, hit her in the back of her head, grab a purse, and off they.

Just to feed an addiction because we have aimlessly kept our borders open and we allow things into our country, fentanyl and things of that nature through drug cartels, we are damaging ourselves because we will not properly govern. The indoctrination of our children in schools as a result of being in a famine.

Who would’ve ever thought that our children would be taught to call people by pronouns or what they self-identify as? In [00:14:00] Wisconsin, three middle school students are in trouble as we speak because they called a child by their proper pronoun. And failed to play along in the big lie. So now they’ve been charged with sexual harassment.

There was a time where sexual harassment was to touch someone in an uninviting way, but today it’s failing to cause someone by their desired. Pronoun. I believe also that part of the reason why we’re in this famine today is because pastors have become increasingly wimpy. Amen. pastors, they have lost their spine.

They have lost their backbone. The preacher, today’s his spine is more like a jellyfish. Spine is more synonymous to a snake. They are very squirmy. They squirm out of the [00:15:00] truth. They find creative ways of getting away from touching or pointing out the 800 pound gorilla in the room. Amen. There are 10 things that pastors are afraid to say today, and since I’m in Carrollton, Texas and I have on my big boy books, you understand, I feel like sharing with you today these 10 points.

And if you’re taking notes, you can write these down. There are 10 things that pastors and Christians alike are afraid to say. Number one is that there’s a such thing as heaven and hell yeah, big hand clap goes. Now listen, you all plan on shouting at the television screen later on today as you get excited about who’s going to win this game.

Don’t be stingy with your amens. If you can’t say amens, just say Ouch. How about that? All right, , so here we go. There is a such thing that’s heaven and there is a [00:16:00] such thing as hell, but there is no gray area. The reason why we do what we do, you must understand the love of preaching. The love of teaching.

God chose the fullest things to confound the wises We preach so that we can preach you outta damnation into streets paved with gold. We preach for the catching away. We preach for the coming of Christ. We know that one day God is going to use one of his angels. Whether it’s Michael or Gabriel, someone is.

Sound Trump him. And the Bible says that the dead in Christ shall be the first to rise and we that are alive and remain shall be called up to meet him in the air and so shall we ever be with the Lord. Hear me today. If you are convicted by this sermon, that’s [00:17:00] a good thing. The early church was a church that would convict you.

They would cut you before they consoled you. Amen. They would tell you the truth before they wrap their arms around you. And today we need the truth. Hear me today. If you are not born again, you are a candidate for hell. If you don’t know Christ as your personal savior, your soul is weighed in the balance.

But I hope and pray that somewhere through the sermon, somewhere through the song or the prayer that you will give your life to Christ and come out and save. What must I do to be saved? There is a such thing as Heaven and hell. A church that doesn’t know their destination is a church that is lost. Amen.

Number two. Critical race theory has no place in the church nor the public school system. A big hand clap goes there. Come on. Critical race [00:18:00] theory is tantamount to what Paul calls a false accuser. In second Timothy chapter three, in the subsequent scriptures from verses one down to five, he begins to list the culture and the climate of the last days.

One characteristic is that there will be false accusations. Now, when you unpack and take that false accusers term to the Greek dictionary , you unpack it and that false accuser means diablos, and diablos means devil. And so where there is a false accusation, there is the spirit of Satan. But where there is truth, there is the spirit of Christ.

And so critical race theory is a false accusation because it labels people as groups and not as individuals. [00:19:00] It says that whites are inherently racist because of the color of their skins, because of something that their grandfather’s grandfather. Grandfather.

Grandfather did. Many decades or centuries are gone, so therefore whites are now demonized because of their whiteness. And then we put blacks in this box of proverbial victimhood. That’s right where blacks come to know that the reason why they can’t make it in America is because of the white man with blue eyes and blonde hair.

That is a lie. That is a false accusation. Let me be the first to tell you that. If you haven’t noticed, I’m a black man. And I have witnessed and been able to scale the categories of which one may call success in America while doing it as a black man. At the same time, there is nothing [00:20:00] that has been kept from me in this nation because of the color of my skin.

Hear me. I am no. Victim and the moment I start talking to people and they start looking at me like, whoa is John, look at this guy. He’s 6 4 260 pounds. Shame on you for being born black brother. The last thing I want to hear is that because now I feel like you’re telling me that I can’t make it and I need a handout just to get up.

No, I need God to help me. I don’t view myself as a victim. I view myself through the lenses of description, and the Bible says that I’m a royal priesthood. I’m a chosen generation, and I’m a peculiar people with my black self. I can make it in this nation. A big hand clap goes there. Come on. I don’t hear anybody.

Come on, listen. I [00:21:00] can make it in this nation. People are not fighting to get out of America. No. People are fighting to get in this nation. And there are people who have squandered their opportunity because they listen to the left, they listen to B L M. They listen to these athletes who get these grand positions and become millionaires and billionaires because of shooting a ball or catching a ball or running a ball, and they now become the answer for racial reconciliation.

The answer for reconciliation is in the Bible, it’s in the word of God. I feel like preaching the. The answer for racial reconciliation is wrapped up between Genesis to Revelations. It’s wrapped up in God’s book. This is our answer. Yes. Hear me today. Hear me today. The answer for racial reconciliation was meeting out upon Calvary’s cross [00:22:00] upon Cals cross.

Our Jesus. Yes. Not the white man’s Jesus or the black man’s Jesus. Our Jesus, yes. Had his hands nailed. Yes. For all mankind. Yes. Had his feet nailed. For all mankind. They drove a sword through his side. Blood and water came out for all mankind. They put a crown of 72 thorns up upon his hand for blacks, whites, Asian specific Islanders, Hispanics, and others, and Native Americans.

It was done for all mankind. Put the crown of 72 thorns upon his head. He breathes his last breath and said It is finished. The spirit of God went down to the temple, tore the veil from the top to the bottom. Dead bodies got up from the ground and saw that walking towards the city of Jerusalem, and he made us a promise as he was going up.

The angel said, why stand you looking up [00:23:00] into heaven? This same Jesus shall come back in light manner and guess. He’s coming back. I said, he’s coming back. He’s coming back. And listen, I’m not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Now, people who preach the truth, preach the cross, preach the Bible, but they are ashamed of the truth.

I’m not ashamed of the truth. It was the truth of God’s word that took me from the club. Before I gave my life to Christ, I was a bouncer in the club. I was a bouncer in the club on Thursday nights, Friday nights, Saturday nights, and Sunday mornings. But when I came and met Jesus, my God, Jesus took me out of that lifestyle.

He took me from darkness and translated me into life. He made me a new creature. He gave me a new walk and a new talk. He gave me a new attitude. He gave me a new [00:24:00] passion. He gave me a desire to love him. And I will not be ashamed of God for anyone because I understand the magnitude and the abundance of his love.

God is long suffering to everyone. Not willing that any should perish. But hear me today, you race baders and race hustlers. You people who love to exploit murders and deaths, the people who exploited the death of George Floyd, they did that to make money. That’s right. Race hustling is an expensive business.

The diversity, equity and inclusion business ballooned to 3.4 billion after the death of George Floyd. And the only way that they can find a creative tool to keep blacks marginalized is to keep us. Yeah. And to every black person under the sound of my voice, or every [00:25:00] minority, every economically disadvantaged person, every person who’s labored as being a minority, you shouldn’t let someone control your feelings like that.

Amen. You shouldn’t let someone call you out of your name as a means of keeping you angry and marginalized. I know who I am. I’m a child of the king. I’m fearfully and wonderfully made. That’s who. Come on. I am. I have to move on. I don’t want to keep you in here all day. number three. There are only two genders.

Clap your hands.

Come on. I’m not woke. . God hasn’t changed and doctors do not assign sex at. Amen. God does that. Amen. All the doctor has to do is use their two eyes or four eyes and look at what’s between that child’s legs, and if you look close enough, you’ll [00:26:00] see that it’s either male or female according to Genesis five and two, and I will not allow Bruce.

I wouldn’t allow Richard Levine or anyone to convince me and tell me that you can be anything other than male and female. There is not a third gender, the only two, and people go into our school system today and they convince children that there’s a such thing as being non-binary and all these things and you can just exist without a sex.

This is not true. Not true. This is a lie, and when preachers like me and preachers like Pastor Chris, preach about this, people throw fiery dots at us and call us judgmental. I’m not being judgemental. I’m loving you to life. I am properly discharging my duties as a preacher. The preacher of biblical times always addressed the hot button issues of that [00:27:00] day.

Amen. During the time of Jeremiah’s reign, Jeremiah preached against the Babylonians. He kept telling them that if you don’t do it God’s way you’re gonna go into captivity for 70 years, you’re gonna be in trouble. The Babylonians are coming, and today I’m trying to warn America that if we do not turn back to God, the Marxists are coming.

The socialists are coming, the communists are coming, and they’re working their ways into our school system, and they are re indoctrinating our children. And now our children are lost. Amen. And we sit there and enjoy life and don’t say anything about it because we think that maybe God got it wrong. The Bible says, whoa, to those who strive with their.

Yes. Whoa. To you who tell God that God isn’t right. There are only two genders. Number four, cowardice is not a fruit of the spirit and it doesn’t look good [00:28:00] upon Christians or pastors. It’s not a fruit of the spirit. God did not give us the spirit of fear of, but he gave us the spirit of power, love, and of sound mind.

Amen. Gotta give you a sound mind. And guess what? A sound mind comes from. Sound teaching. Woo. Yes. And a perverted. Comes from perverted teachings. Amen. And when you twist the truth of God’s word and mix it with syncretism today, many preachers preach a part of the Bible and part of the culture. And so you have an amalgamation of ideas and concepts woven into one sermon, and now the church is confused.

Yes. Weak pull pitch, create weak Christians. Let me say it again for the person in the back. Weak pulpit create weak Christians when the preacher is tiptoeing on the issue because they just don’t want to, receive that angry email. [00:29:00] He find many ways to become a contortionist has a means of not saying.

But hear me today, there is a price for not saying it. There is a price for looking the other way. That’s right. There is a price for not standing on biblical authority. I’m right. Not because I wrote it. I’m right because I preaching in this God’s word. Yes, the Bible says that thou word, have I hid in my heart that I might not sin against.

God wants to love us to repentance and hear me today as I go to this next point. Number five says, it’s asinine to say that calling abortion murder is a white evangelical worldview. Amen. It’s not a white evangelical worldview to call abortion murder. It’s a biblical worldview. God gave Moses 10 commandments upon stone.

Yes. The sixth one was, thou shall not murder. Thou [00:30:00] shall not kill and hear me today. It’s not just white to say that it’s murder, it’s God’s viewpoint and the church is called to parrot what God has said. We are per Do you not know that we’re not egos. We’re not my God, we’re not falcons, we’re parrots. We parrot the truth of God’s word.

Number six, God will not only judge us based upon what we have done in our bodies, but he will also judge us based upon how we vote. You can’t vote one way and pray another. Amen. You can’t preach it on Sunday. Shout to it on Sunday. Sing to it. Wasn’t a president worship team also give them a big hand.

Can’t do all that stuff. And then you get to the voting booth saying, I’m voting for war, not. A man who says that he’s a pro-choice Christian, a pro-choice pastor. [00:31:00] No, that’s a oxymoron. Amen. There’s no such thing as being a pro-choice Christian. That’s right. It’s either you do it God’s way. That’s right, or you’re doing it your way.

And God’s way is that God desires for all babies to live and exist. Now, 54% of Christians women in particular are known. to have abortions. , 54%. . And I bring that up because there may be someone today in this room under the sound of my voice. I don’t want you to think that my passion for saving the baby in the womb skips over the fact that maybe somewhere in your past.

You were in the ditch and you made a decision to abort your own child. Hear me? Young lady. I can’t say hear me young man because men don’t have babies, but hear me, young lady, men can’t get pregnant. Okay? Only women hear me. Young ladies. God has forgiven you for that [00:32:00] transgression. Amen. If you have asked Christ for forgiveness, And what he does is takes that sin and throws it into the sea of forgetfulness, and he doesn’t go back and pick it up and neither should you.

Amen. And I don’t view you as being post. Abortive, I view you through the lens of being a restored life because who the son sets free is free. Indeed, we have all been forgiven for something. Your issue may have been that maybe your issue is something else, but God is the great equalizer. He’s the one that delivers us and sets us free and gives us the victory, and he imputes writee.

But this is what I want you to do. Help me save the next baby by supporting this kind of preaching, amen. So that we can preach the truth and preach others out of cha [00:33:00] shackles and chains of darkness, there are many women who walk around holding the grief of that decision to abort that baby. Hear me, mama The Lord God forgives you.

The Lord God covers you in his abundant love. Yes. And you don’t have to carry that stain. That stain has been removed. Yes. Number seven, marriage can be perverted, but it can’t be redefined. That’s right. Marriage is only between a man and a woman. Yes, God created them, male and female. When two men stand before you and they get attempt to get married, that is not a marriage.

When two women come together and attempt to get married, that is not a marriage, that’s a mess, right? . That is against God’s ordained structure. When you do it God’s way, things work. But you have to ask yourself, why would the Black Lives [00:34:00] Matters? Movement. An organization founded by found about three men who have not the desire of a man.

Why would they want to destroy the nuclear? If you destroyed the nuclear family, if you removed the father from the home, so goes the family. And so many men who are drunk on pride, drunk on having it their way drunk on having all that the world has to offer. So much so that we have abdicated our duty in our role in the home, and now homes are in.

Yeah. Hear me today. We need strong men in the culture. Can I get some noise from some strong men? Yeah. We need strong, courageous men who haven’t been neutered.

Hallelujah. Men who will speak up. Amen. Yes. Amen. Because they have not allowed the culture to tell them to stand for truth means that you are toxic. [00:35:00] No, that’s toxic masculinity. When you speak like. There are people who were labeled this sermon in this style of preaching as toxic masculinity. No, this is called being Bible based.

Amen. This is called being truth based. Genesis 2 24 says, therefore, a man shall leave his father and his mother and shall clea cleave unto his wife. And they shall be one flesh. Jesus picks this up as well in the New Testaments and quotes the same thing. So Jesus does address homosexuality. Jesus does address the two male or the two female dynamic.

Our marriage only takes place when a man and a woman comes together, and Jesus spoke of that even in Matthew in the synoptic gospels. Number eight, 10. Mothers will never equate to one. And 10 fathers will never equate to one mother. Our children deserve a father [00:36:00] and a mother. Yes. Amen. Hear me? Parents.

Your child that you created deserves you to have what I call sticktuitiveness. Make it work. I’m not happy. Make it work. He’s this. Make it work. Amen. Figure it out for the sake of the. That’s right. And then you’ll come to figure out there’s really not you all that’s warring against each other.

These wars comes from our flesh. They come from our members. It’s sadan working in us trying to destroy the family, and we cannot let our families. Gold. Number nine. The public school system hates the God of the Bible. And if this is true, how can the public, how can the public school system properly train and teach our children?

They can’t. It’s a school system that’s antithetical to the word of God. They groom our kids. They allow people dressed in drag to go into the school system, and they call that a family friendly event. When a man dressed up as a [00:37:00] woman begins to read a book to a.

Where is the outcry? Yeah, That’s right. I rode down the street with Pastor Chris, and on every corner he pointed out a church. There’s a church right there. There’s a church right there. There’s a church right there. There’s a church right there. A church on every corner. All of these churches, all of this real.

And we have men going into the school system reading to our boys and girls. Yeah. Amen. What, at what point is the church going to say we do our Super Bowl service on Sunday? Yeah. But during the week we’re going to the hedges and the highways. We’re going to the school board meetings. We’re going to the city council meetings and they’re gonna hear the what for, because we’re not gonna allow our children to be indoctrinated.


[00:38:00] At some point testosterone rises up and a man says, I got to do something about this. Back in October after witnessing the lies that were being told that the Wake County Public School System school board meetings, I went down there and. For three minutes. I didn’t know that message would land me on.

Tucker Carlson on Newsmax over eight times on Jesse Water’s show so many shows and counting 5 million views and counting over 30 invitations nationwide to go to school board meetings and speak about the same thing. As far as Anchorage, Alaska, who wants to go

And I’m currently raising funds to travel the nation to speak at school board meetings. Why? Because we need a champion. We need someone who’s not afraid to go to the school board meeting and tell them, no, God’s way is this way. And if you’re gonna teach our children, [00:39:00] you need to get this perversion and corruption out of the teaching.

We need reading, writing, and arithmetic. Yeah, but we don’t need special interests. Pushed upon our kids. Why are pride flags dangling in front of our schools and in our schools for our children to see? What does that have to do with one plus one and two plus two? Come on. That’s right. What does that have to do with science?

It really doesn’t have anything to do with science. Yeah. But cultural marists have hijacked our school. And that now bending our children’s hearts in the wrong direction. Number 10, you can’t be pro-abortion and profess the name of Christ at the same time.

Can’t be Jesus. Jesus. And then when it’s time to make your vote towards what the Bible says, [00:40:00] you lean in another direct. And you appease the enemy. That’s not God’s way. A life is a life in the womb. Life starts at conception, and if you would just leave that baby alone at nine months, that baby will come forth as a healthy.

Beautiful baby boy or baby girl. Now, there are some who say, you know what about in the instance of rape, what should we do? How should we handle that? First and foremost, I handle that situation lightly because it’s sinister, it’s cruel. It’s hateful, it’s evil. For another man to take advantage of another woman’s body, a big hand clap goes there.

I don’t stay that lightly. I. Amen. But let’s unpack rape. Let’s define it. What does it mean to rape a person? It means to take advantage of their body against their will. Yes. So do we now rape the baby in the womb? Dismember [00:41:00] the child, suck the child out. If it’s a salient abortion, the baby dies and burns alive.

Do we do that to the baby? No. No. Do we in turn say that we hate rape, but rape the womb of the. Jesus. Do we do that? No, we don’t do that. What we do is we create policies that are friendly towards Christian adoption agencies. Yes. Amen. We fund that. Amen. So that these children can go into families if the family decides to give that child up for adoption.

But at the end of the day, we have all been adopted. We’ve been adopted into God’s family, and God has brought us into. A complete and whole family in my close. In a letter to Clarence CJ Gamble, Margaret Singer wrote out a plan of deception steeped in racism. This is what she said, and I quote, she says, the minister’s work is also important and also should be [00:42:00] trained perhaps by the Federation to our ideals and our.

That we hope to reach Margaret Sanger Planned Parenthood. They had a goal. What was the goal? We do not want the word to get out, that we want to exterminate the Negro population, and the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious ne. So use the black preacher to convince black America that abortion should be allowed.

And what do we see today by many of our noteworthy black preachers? They support the killing of the unborn. We have many in this city. I don’t know if I should call names, who support the same thing. Yes, all [00:43:00] around the country, black preachers, big pulpit, big audiences, big stadiums, but they preach things that are killing their own people.

There’s something called death rattle. Death rattle sets In 23 hours before a person is about to die, the black community is experiencing a death rattle. The white community is experiencing a death rattle. All communities are hearing the sound of death router. Why? Because we are losing our next generation.

Yes, that’s right. At the same time, we play politics. I don’t wanna play politics. I’m not trying to turn, I’m not trying to turn America red or blue. I just wanna turn it back to God.

I’m not here to play foot seas. You understand? I’m not here to ride on the donkey or the elephant. Amen. I just wanna ride on truth. And there are so many today who have [00:44:00] relinquished the cross, but they hold to the donkey, they hold to the left, and they teach things that are counterproductive to us in society.

So today, I’m not supposed to preach this kind of message, but I want you to know that I’m a proud, rebellious.

And I’ll be preaching this message until the Lord comes and raptures me home. During the time of Hitler, I’m going to Messe. During the time of Hitler, there were carts that went by the church, and as those carts went by, they were carrying bodies, people who were prepared to be destroy. And as those carts came by, there would be a screeching and a hoor, a horrific sound going off on those carts.

People were screaming out for their lives as they were hauled off to be killed in Hitless, Germany. [00:45:00] And what did the church do? The church sung a little bit louder. The church would sing loud boisterous songs as the beans of covering up the crying of the souls that went by in the carts. It was a man by the name of Martin Ne Moler, a famous Lutheran pastor who was weak in his position during that timeframe.

Martin Le Martin Ne Moler said that when they came for the socialists, I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a socialist. He said when they came for the communists, I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a communist. When they came for the trade unionist, I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t one. He said they came for the Jews and I didn’t speak.

Because I wasn’t a Jew, and then ultimately they came from me and there was no one left to speak up for me. Who’s gonna speak up is the question. Amen. Who’s gonna use their voice? Will we sing a little bit louder? [00:46:00] Oh, will we stop singing and move to action? Yes. Amen. Amen. And we are at a watershed moment where it’s time for us to stop the singing and leap towards action and do something.

Yes. It was once said that there comes a time when silence becomes betrayal and as we are silent on his issue. We betray God, but I believe that there is a remnant. Yes. Amen. I believe that there are 7,000 who have not bowed to be, and I believe that God’s revival is soon to come. Yes, but hear me, revival is up to God and repentance is up to us.

Amen. If my. Which are called by my name, would humble [00:47:00] themselves and pray. Seek my face and turn from their wicked ways. Then will I hear from heaven, forgive their sins and heal the land. Repentance is up to us. God bless you. Thank you.