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Great being with you. Great being with you. What a what a joy. What a joy. What a joy. To just be able to even being the house of God and celebrate his goodness and his kingdom. And soldier and church to me is a paradigm that God is doing because to have a pastor who’s here that was recognized by a spiritual father in pastor.

[00:00:27] and then prepared the way and made a transition. That was a God thing. It wasn’t a work of the flesh. It was a demonstration of the spirit. And I don’t know whether you’ve noticed, but there are different colors, , which means that in order to be brought into the real fellowship, that had to be this spiritual adoption the same way that I was grafted in as a son of.

[00:00:53] Into the family of God. This is a demonstration of what Sojourn is to the world, that even if we don’t look alike, We are united by one blood, one spirit, one faith, one baptism. That’s right. And he unites us all in one. And it just thank you so much for having eyes to recognize a gift in somebody that was serving as a janitor in the church, and you saw a pastor and watched the faithfulness of God over the years.

[00:01:25] Thank you so much for your spiritual maturity. It takes maturity. And security to be able to do that in recognizing and Pastor Chris and Vanessa. So thank you. So we celebrate who you are. This is a unique and divine gift of God. And you’re designed as a seed to be sent out into the world because the world needs exactly what you have.

[00:01:50] That’s right. It really does. So I wanna encourage you to take it because we are living in a time, where people smoke, do they choke? They drink, Do they stink? No wonder they’re not sound up from the ground up and they need a check up from the neck up. And some of them are blown up before they’re grown up

[00:02:04] But I will say that’s exactly why God called you. That’s exactly why he called you. And what a wonderful joy is to be able to just be in the house of God to be equip. And matured, not so that you can just sit on the premises, but so you can stand on the promises and then take those promises to the world and be an answer to a lost and a dying world.

[00:02:28] So thank you for being who you are. I wanna speak today from Matthew chapter 13, verse one through five in the English version of the scriptures. Notice that these words, that same day, Jesus went out of the house and he sat beside the sea. Crowds gathered about him so that he got into a boat and sat down and the whole crowd stood on the beach and he told them many things in parables saying a SOAR went out to sow.

[00:02:55] And as he sewed, some seed fell along the path and the birds came and devoured them. Other seats fell on rocky ground where they didn’t have much soil and immediately they sprung up. And since they had no depth of soil, but when the sun rose, they were scorched. And since they had no root, they withered away.

[00:03:17] Other seeds fell among thorns and the thorns grew up and choked them. Other seeds fell on good soil and produced grain. Some a hundred fold, some. Some 30. He who has ears, let him here. And I wanna talk about the cycle of the seed. The cycle of the seed. God has made so much just like a seed. In fact, Isaiah chapter 53 verse two talks about it was prophetic of Jesus and it was saying how God would bring a root out of dry ground.

[00:03:52] Now when he says a root out of dry ground, nothing grows out of dry. Particularly not a root because a root then bears fruit. But isn’t it amazing that Pastor Chris came into this? Was it January of 2020? I would call that season dry ground. No. It was, it was a couple of months before Covid broke out.

[00:04:12] It, this is not the environment that I would’ve wanted to be launched into a position , but Pastor Terry was in the spirit. , he was really in the spirit, , my goodness. But can you imagine that God would call you to do something and then send in an atmosphere of a culture such as covid and the last time.

[00:04:37] That we saw something like that happen was back in the early 19 hundreds, around 1918. My daddy lived through that and it’s amazing. It is absolutely amazing to be able to see that God will call you to do some things, sometimes as a seed and plants you in an environment where it’s not supposed to work, but he set a root out of a dry ground where there is no.

[00:05:04] And there is no moisture, but yet a root. And Jesus, I’m gonna bring up something. I’m gonna do something in a place where it seems so unlikely for it to be done sojourn. That’s who you are. Come on, come in. You are standing in the manifestation of something divine from God. Now in, in the actual cycle of the seed that there, there are let me give you a four step process.

[00:05:29] Here’s step one. It’s impartation. Impartation. Say impartation. Impartation. The seed is imparted into the ground. It pierces the soil until a seed gets in the ground, you can’t expect to harvest. That’s right. Why expect to harvest if you’ve sewn no seed? That’s right. It’s good.

[00:05:48] Impartation is step one. Impartation. Get a seed in the ground. Impartation get a seed, a certain man went. The Kingdom of God is just like a, A. It’s like a person that goes out and sos a seed, just get a seed in the ground. Just get a seed in the ground. Impartation. If you just say, Im part impart.

[00:06:08] If you were to write that word, Im part down. and then give it a little space there. It’s not really, in part it’s, I’m part, So every time that a man imparts seed into a woman , then he is saying I’m releasing the essence of who I am, and now I’m part of you and you’re part of me. And now we create something with our love.

[00:06:31] Yeah. I’m part, so in an impart. , there is always a divine conception. . It is amazing. In fact, the word impartation it, it comes from a Greek word that’s called meta dimi. You’ve heard of meta? Meta means change. Dimi means to give. Whenever you find an impartation, you can always tell whether impartation has happened or not.

[00:06:56] Yeah, because it always gives change. . The moment that a sperm strikes a woman’s ovum, when it pierces through, you know there’s a race for them. All of this testosterone is flowing and different sperm are rushing toward the woman’s ovum, but the first one that penetrates it in importation change begin it.

[00:07:19] It in part, it gives change, and so it takes us an over from a single cell. The moment that it does, it splits it and it goes from one to. And then from two to four and from four to eight and eight to 16, and 16 to 32 and 32 to 64 and 64 to 1 28, and 1 28 to 2 56, and 2 56 to five 12, and five 12 to 1024 and 1024 to 2048, and 2048 to five 4,096.

[00:07:43] It just keeps on multiplying. But you know that impartation has happened because it gives change. . The moment that a seed goes into the ground, it gives change. When a seed hits the ground and takes root, the next step is to bear fruit. It’s impartation. The step two is then incubation because it will then incubate that seed.

[00:08:13] But I am so grateful that when a man gives a seed to a. , she incubates that. She carries that and makes it more than what it was. He gives a man gives a woman one seed. She gives him a baby. A man brings home groceries. She gives him a meal. A man gives her a house. She turns it and gives him a home. A woman has a capacity to always be able to multiply whatever a man gives him.

[00:08:46] And all of the men said,

[00:08:51] Yeah. Now, if she’s not multiplying you, you might wanna wonder whether you’ve got the right one or not. , but they make you more of what you are. They make you more, I’m just telling you I’m in a spouse. They’re second in command to the Holy Ghost. They may not know anything about anything, they’ll be, you’ll be talking about something written, something about.

[00:09:14] And somehow they have this strange way of saying, I don’t think you should fool with him. Don’t fool with her something. Don’t deal with that. And they may not even know anything about it, but somehow I don’t understand how it is, but somehow they have a connection to the Holy Spirit. And God uses them to help us to help make us more than what we are.

[00:09:33] So it is impartation and then incubation, the earth incubate the seed. Impartation, incubation. The third step is multiplication. You begin to multiply. That’s what you got. So you don’t keep it the same. Impartation, inc. Incubation multiplication. You start multiplying. God will give you something and he will never be pleased if you give him back the same thing in the same measure that he gave it to you.

[00:10:02] He’ll never be pleased with you. Herein is my father glorified in John. that you bear much fruit. Yeah. Don’t give him back the same thing. Remember that when he gave the talents to the different ones and one man out of his insecurity and his fear, he took it and dug it a hole and put it in the ground.

[00:10:20] And he said you soulful. He called him lazy and wicked. . Because if somebody takes your money and hides it in the earth and you have inflation, they didn’t get, they’re not giving you back the same, they’ve lost. Yeah, so incubation, it’s what happens after impartation. There’s the impartation of the seed, the incubation, and in that incubation, as that womb is incubating that seed, as the earth is incubating the seed, it is then multiplying.

[00:10:49] Because if you ever looked at the real cycle of the seed, what happens when a seed goes down into the. It looks very chaotic. If you could ever see what was happening under the ground because you put a seed in the ground and pour water on it, guess what happens? The seed begins to crack open. And it begins to disempower whatever is inside of the seed starts falling out.

[00:11:13] It’s a very discombobulated kind of a program. It looks like everything is falling apart, but things in the economy of God have to fold apart before they actually fall together. And so don’t be upset when your seed is in the ground and it is cracking open and falling. Don’t be concerned about the fallout.

[00:11:35] God’s got a plan. He’s up to something. He knows something that you don’t know. You just hold tight because he understands impartation. that something is giving change and now he needs an environment that incubates that change. Incubation. Now multiplication where that thing is multiplying. That’s why I said get a seed in the ground.

[00:11:57] Yeah, get a seed in the ground. This ministry is Good ground. Get a seed in the ground, get a seed in the ground, get a seed in the ground. And then once you find that you have impartation. Incubation multiplication. It brings you into this fourth phase, which is glorification hearing is my father glorified?

[00:12:19] It’s not about what we do, it’s about the things they’ll see your good works and then glorify the Father who is in heaven. We’re living, we are formed for his glory. And if everything that we do on the earth does not ultimately bring glory to God, if it brings attention to. We’ve missed the mark. Yeah. But if people can see the hand of God working through your life, and if they can see the fruitfulness of your life bringing glory to God, where they said, my God, they’ve been helping people, they’ve been changing the lives of people.

[00:12:53] If they can ever see that, if when, as Jesus was sharing this parable, it’s one of the few parables in, in, in the New Testament, that Jesus actually interprets for his own believers. So they don’t have to leave to conjecture as to what he. He interprets for them the parable of the Soar and the seed.

[00:13:12] A certain person went out and sold this field and the Bible says that in the first type there, it said it fell by the wayside. It fell on the path, and it says, And some of the birds ate. It ate the. And Jesus in his interpretation of that, as he explained it, he said, These are those who receive the word and not understanding it.

[00:13:39] The devil who’s emblematic of this bird in this case comes and steals the seed, but it, the only way that the devil has the capacity to steal a seed that God has given to you is that you don’t understand it. If you don’t understand what you have, you’ll give it wing, You’ll throw it away. You’ll leave it someplace because you don’t understand it.

[00:14:02] But whatever you have with understanding, nobody has the capacity to steal it. When you know who your mama is, you know who your daddy is. Nobody can take that away from you. The things that, every memory that you have that belongs. , they can steal your purse, they can steal your wallet, they can steal your phone, but they have no capacity to steal Thanksgiving in your heart toward God.

[00:14:22] Come on. They have no capacity to steal that. Whatever you understand if God has made a few verses of his Bible alive to you, to where you know that God gave you a word and you the word might have been this sickness is not unto death, and you might have known that. I don’t care what I go.

[00:14:43] I’m not gonna die. Come on. No matter what I go through and I rest in a piece that I, that, that word is a seed. His word is a seed. That’s good. His word is a seed. His word is a seed. Money is a seed. Ideas a seed. Your children are seed. A certain farmer goes out and he throws seed on the ground and the birds get.

[00:15:10] You’ll invite somebody to church and then they won’t show up. The birds got ’em. The birds got ’em. It’s , the birds got some of them. There’s nothing you can do about it. Yeah. He didn’t say if the birds are eating some of your seeds to stop your sewing and run over and shoe the birds away.

[00:15:28] The birds are going to get some of the. There’s nothing that you can do. There’ll be people that will say, I’ll show up. I’ll help, and they won’t show up. They gave the commitment. They signed up, you prepared for them, and they didn’t show up. The birds got them there. They are flighty minded. The birds got them.

[00:15:49] There’s nothing you can do about it. Don’t waste your time chasing the birds. Keep on sew. be faithful to keep on sewing. Yeah. Be faithful to keep on sewing because the law of averages will work for you. Anybody, have you ever gotten what I call junk mail in your mailbox at home? Have you ever gotten junk mail?

[00:16:12] Do you know why they keep sending it now? I don’t know about you, but I, mine goes immediately to the trash. It’s just something for me to sort through. I sort through bills and any personal letter, but this is true. I’m like, Why do they keep sending me. Do you know why? Because about 2% of people will respond to it.

[00:16:29] They’ll send out a hundred thousand to get 2000 responses. They know the law of averages if you just keep sowing the seeds. Now, if corporate America has the wisdom to do that, wow. And 98% of the people, Yeah. Are you listening? Yeah. Yeah. Will discard it and throw it in the. Yes. Keep sowing the seed. Yeah.

[00:16:53] Tell people that Jesus is re keep giving your testimony. Yes. Keep inviting people to the church. Keep telling them about what a wonderful savior he is. Keep telling them how he delivers you, how he healed you, how he bless your seed and brought you out when you were in a dark place. How he brought you out of your depression.

[00:17:10] Tell them the story. Yeah. Don’t you ever let an ungrateful person stop you from being. Don’t let the meanness in others stop the goodness in you. Amen. Keep on sewing your seed. Keep on, so just keep on sewing, because some of them will go to the birds. Some of them it’s just the birds. The bird’s gonna get some of them.

[00:17:34] But if you keep on sewing over time, the law of average, the law of average will work in your favor. And if you saw enough, if you in try enough ideas, some of them are gonna work. , don’t get discouraged. That’s good. Keep on doing it. And so after, after the ones that fell by the wayside and the birds got ’em, the next ones fell on rocky ground.

[00:17:56] And this is a situation of where, because it had no soil, the seed got exposed and the elements of the earth, the sunlight, you know this like this Dallas heat it, it got to it and dried it out and kill the seed. The weather is gonna get some people, Yeah, there’s some people you get ready to have an event and it starts raining and the folks that it committed to show up don’t show up because of.

[00:18:24] Weather. The weather. Yeah. And people will tell you it, it’s too hot. It was too hot to come, or it’s too cold to come. And the weather will affect some people’s commitment because they choose to live according to their preference as opposed to God’s purpose. It is, it’s just a difference in the commitment level of some people.

[00:18:46] But don’t let it ruin your. It goes with the territory. So the more mature that you are, when I was initially out in ministry, it would just really get up underneath my skin until I got in this word and I saw this revelation. I saw that the birds are just gonna get some people. But I was first starting out just people, they were, Oh, yes I’ll see you Sunday.

[00:19:08] And Sunday came and and I couldn’t find. and I would be like, You, Lion Devil

[00:19:19] But then I refused to spend any energy on them. I just went on to the next person and start sewing another seed. And I talked to somebody at the gym and saw another seed, and I’d bump into somebody in a Walmart and saw another seed and talked to somebody else in the grocery store. And I just sold another seed and I met somebody else in the parking lot and I just kept sowing the seed and I sold enough of.

[00:19:41] That after a while, thousands started showing up. I moved to another location and and it’s just this one year. I bet I, I counted 2,173 new members in that one year. Amen. I changed nothing that I was doing. I just kept sowing the seed. I just kept sowing, Just keep on sewing your seed. Some of us gonna fall on by the wayside and the bird’s gonna get.

[00:20:05] Some of us gonna fall on the rocky because they won’t complete their new members’ orientation. They won’t get the foundations. They have no soil. They don’t understand why you do what you do. And that’s what they base their value on, how they appreciate something. You can have something of goal and yet not have it appreciated.

[00:20:27] Because to appreciate means to esteem the value. So when you appreciate something, you understand its value and you acknowledge it and that’s how it, it goes. But some will go to the birds, some will get on the rocks, they’ll have no foundation, no soil, and then when the elements come, the weather, it makes them very fickle.

[00:20:48] Don’t worry about fickle people. Keep on sewing. Keep on sewing. Then they went on to that thorny ground. That’s the third ground was th. The thorny ground was the kind of ground it said that people were, It was choked out by the cares of this world. Anxiety, stress choked it out. It got so much to do, it can’t come.

[00:21:10] Stress, anxiety, oftentimes stress and anxiety are symptomatic of a disorganized life. The more organization that you bring to your life, the more you strip the stress. Create systems because it’ll strip stress out of your life. But they have the cares of this world and the deceitfulness of riches because they’ll think that money will do something for them, that it won’t do.

[00:21:37] Money doesn’t bring you happiness. If you’re not happy before you get money, you won’t get, be happy afterwards. , it’s money only makes you more of what you already. If you were nasty without money, you’ll be nastier with money . And if you were kind before you had money, you’ll be kind with money.

[00:21:53] Money is an amplifier. It only makes you more of what you are, right? So when you have got a good heart, money will magnify that and it’ll give you more vehicles to be able to bless more people. But it doesn’t change you. It only shows people who you were. And that’s the deceitfulness of riches, that they think that if I get enough if I start making more money, I’d be more generous with the church.

[00:22:22] That’s the deception. If you are not generous with the little that you already have, you deceive yourself to think that you would be more generous if you had more. It’s true. It’s good. It’s amazing. That’s the deceitfulness of riches. Those are thorny people. You can’t build your life on thorny people, not birdy people, flighty people, not the ones that go by the weather fickle people, and you can’t deal with thorny people because it’ll be choked out.

[00:22:50] The life will be choked out. But the fourth type hype was finally good. Yes. As you keep on sowing, you never stop to deal with birds, chasing birds. You never stop trying to do, learn how to do Indian rain dances. When the weather, it’s dry, you just keep sowing your seed. Keep sowing your seed because if it’s God can bring a root out of dry ground.

[00:23:14] Read the Bible, Isaiah 53, verse two. He could bring a root. Something that will bear fruit out of dry ground. He can make something happen in an environment where this should not happen. And I’m telling you, soldier in church, this is a unique matic display of the unfolding, of the mystery of God. And when people see it, they will say, Hey, I know this is not a work of the flesh.

[00:23:41] This is a manifestation of the diversity of the kingdom. This it reminds me of Revelations where they saw people of every ethno coming together, not debating with each other, but worshiping the King of Kings. Come on. And the Lord of Lords powerful demonstration, a prophetic declaration, and I’m grateful for that.

[00:24:05] And notice the birds will get. The rocks, rocky situations, the weather will get some, the thorny situations. Folks that are concerned about all of this stuff too, scared to go anywhere. But then he says that fourth ground is the ground that’s gonna produce like crazy, some 30 fold. If you ever understood something.

[00:24:28] 30 fold is not just times three. It’s actually to that. It’s to that power, like two to the third power. It is not just four, yeah. Wow. It becomes exponential. It becomes exponential. So he says some of 30 fold people, some are 60 fold, some are a hundred fold. God says if you’ll be faithful. But notice the one that produced like crazy was not unto the fourth one, and I came to declare this to.

[00:24:59] Every game is one in the fourth quarter. For some of you, you are in your fourth quarter now. Good. This is your biggest moment. Yeah. You’ve already been through, flighty people. You’ve already dealt with fickle people. You’ve already dealt with the thony people, the ones that are real pain in the side, pain in your neck, or.

[00:25:22] I don’t use that kind of language, but you know them. You know them. But now God’s gonna bring some different quality people. And when he brings them, it’s not about how many, It’s about what kind. It’s not about how many. It’s about what kind. And this is the kind of ground that will produce 30 fold, 60 fold.

[00:25:47] A hundred fold. Yeah. Now here’s the important part. Because the games are won in the fourth season, the fourth quarter. I’m grateful to God when you step over into your fourth quarter, this is the last fourth, the last 25% of your life, however you do the math. If the average age of a person may be 80 years old, you’re gonna figure out when your fourth, when you’re in your fourth quarter.

[00:26:12] But you’ll have more wisdom and more resources in your fourth quarter than at any other. And that’s the time. If I had to have something, I’d rather have it when I got the greatest wisdom to know how to handle it. Please don’t give me everything in my first quarter cause you’ll burn through it cause you won’t have the wisdom.

[00:26:31] But once you get in your fourth quarter, you know what to do. You know what to do. It is a difference where the Bible says that old men will dream dreams and young men will see visions. Visions are very. But dreams are very broad. And when an old man dreams a dream, he dreams the dream that takes the visions of young people and connects them together and puts them into purpose in God’s overarching dream called destiny.

[00:27:01] That’s good. I mean it, it has power. It has. This is about your legacy. Yeah. Legacy is not about the past. Legacy is about the future. Legacy is about what you set in motion that will outlive you. I have no problem with planting seeds for trees under which I will never enjoy their shade, but my grandchildren will.

[00:27:27] That’s right. I’m a fourth generation. Wow. And a fourth generation businessman, I didn’t have to choose between them. They chose me. It’s in my dna. Fourth generation on both sides, business and ministry. It shows me I didn’t have to make a decision. It was already made. Amen. And so today, I’m doing what God put in my heart to do because he called.

[00:28:00] Amen. And I received an impartation, which gave me the ability to give change. When impartation happens, you cannot remain the same. Things start dividing in you and ideas and anointing and gifting. Start multiplying and then we incubated. Until we can then give a manifestation back to God and say, Lord, this is what you put in me.

[00:28:29] I give it back to you. What we, God gives us life. And what we do with that life is our gift back to him, and he’s gonna require it back at our hands, and it all happens when he said in, in, in Mark chapter four in verse 26 through 20. . He said that the kingdom of God is as if a man should scatter seed on the ground, just scatter it indiscriminately as it were, and then he should sleep by night and ro by day, and the seeds should sprout and grow.

[00:29:02] He himself does not know how. You don’t have to know how. For the earth yields crops by itself. First the blade, and then the head, and then the full grain in the head. But when the grain ripens, immediately the sickle it is put in because the harvest has come. And that’s the way that all of life works is gradual.

[00:29:26] And then southern, you can eat all of the wrong things. gradually killing yourself and suddenly have a heart attack, and suddenly have a stroke, and suddenly have an aneurysm. You can do stupid things with your money gradually and suddenly bankruptcy hits you. It’s always gradual and then sudden. But the flip side is true when you’ve been faithful to sow seeds, cuz you’re wondering, Lord, is this making a difference to anybody?

[00:30:00] As you’re sowing the seed and then you are watching birds come and get sung, and then you’re watching some others dry out on the rocks, and then you’re watching thorning situations of people that actually end up hurting you. Thorns hurt. They’re thorns in your side. These are people, and God says, Don’t ever put your focus on them.

[00:30:18] Keep your mind on sowing the seeds because the reward is to the faithful one who’s sowing the seeds. So keep your mind on just sowing the seeds, sowing the seed, because you’re gonna get to the 30 fold, the 60 fold, and the hundred fold if you’ll be faithful in your fourth quarter. You’re just you got to go through all of this.

[00:30:36] Yeah. It is a qualifying thing that God says, If I can trust you with a little that didn’t appreciate you, that didn’t recognize who you. They didn’t understand that you were a gift from God, and so they mistreat you, they abuse you. But when you finally get to the 30, the 60, and the a hundred fold in your fourth quarter, that’s when you are poised to actually start producing like crazy.

[00:31:06] This is your finest hour. My God. If you could flourish amid Covid. and come out of this because that was a dry ground a situation. And I’m here to tell you, I’m looking at survivors today that are a part of the miracle hand of God. You are fruit that has come out of root from a dry ground. Yeah.

[00:31:32] And it is to the glory and to the honor of God. And I just stopped by the. To tell somebody, Don’t be weary in well-doing. Yes, because you will reap in due season in the right quarter. Yeah. If you are just faithful, be faithful. Just be faithful where God has called you. Quick. Success builds your ego. Slow success builds your character.

[00:32:00] Be faithful where you are. Keep sowing it. Keep sharing your testimony. Keep giving the word keep. Keep testify. Keep inviting people over and over, and sometimes it’s the same people that you’re going because you’ve got to, you gotta do it a hundred thousand times to get a 2% return. So if you go to 2000 people, just, you got to keep doing it.

[00:32:21] I couldn’t understand it. And my dad, when he started a beauty show many years ago, and he had 300 at the first person and always his goal, he was, he would have tableaus split it up by the hundreds of thousands. And he’d do that. He’d put out of a hundred thousand in order to get 30,000 people there.

[00:32:38] But he got ’em. They showed up and he had me, I remember as a little boy standing out downtown passing them out. I know something about sewing seeds and some people were so nasty they wouldn’t even take it. And I would just say my mind

[00:32:52] They were for the birds. I kept on going. True salesmanship does not begin when somebody says, I’ll take three of those. It begins when the customer says no, because you have to keep on sewing the seed. You have to keep on calling. They might have told you before, but call ’em again. Wow. Keep on, Text ’em again.

[00:33:14] Email them again. Get a seed in the. Get a seed in the ground. Here’s what I would tell you. It is a seed that stops a cycle. When a woman, as she’s doing her childbearing years, she has a cycle every 28 days or so, but then she won’t have a cycle if a seed hits her. Over A seed stops a cycle, a seed stops a cycle.

[00:33:40] Have you been bleeding out A seed? Stops a cycle. A seed stops a cycle. Are you sick and tired of certain things passing down through your family? A seed stops a cycle. Has that been alcoholism? Has it been where people can’t finish school? A seed stops the cycle. A seed stops a cycle. Jesus was a seed of a woman.

[00:34:02] I’ve already told you in Genesis. He’s a seed of the woman in Exodus. He’s a Passover life. I’ve walked through. Jesus is a seed of a woman. He’s a seed. Yeah. That stopped a cycle that had cursed us for so many years because a seed stops a cycle. Yeah. And sometimes if you got crazy cycles happening in your life and in your family, get a seed in.

[00:34:23] Yeah, get a seed in the ground. Get a seed in the ground, get a seed in the ground. God’s answer to every problem is practically a seed. He sows a seed, and sometimes that seed is the person. Sometimes that seed is money. Sometimes that seed is service. Sometimes that seed is an idea. Get the seed into the ground.

[00:34:42] Seed on the shelf won’t do. Yeah. Yeah. A seed in your mind won’t do anything. It’s not until you act on it. You’ve got to get it in the ground, get a seed into the ground, because a seed stops a cycle. Yeah. But the flip side of that is true as well. A seed starts a cycle, and the cycle of life does not begin until a seed gets in the ground.

[00:35:04] Yeah. Who do you know who is dying? And they need that ever living? Incorruptible, indestructible, ever living seed of the word of God that you carry in your life. The world is starving for something that you carry. Share the seed and never stop sewing. God bless you. Woo.