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All right. How many of you have your Bibles? Are you ready to get into the word? Yes, sir. I wanna see ’em. I want you to show me your Bibles, your electronic devices. Just show ’em up. Just hold ’em up if you don’t have one. You need to come with the word of God. I want us to read it to, I want us to be able to read it for you to know.

How do you know if I don’t slip in some, some of the Koran or something, something else? How do you know I’m not, I’m not talking crazy. something. I’ll be like, cuz I would tackle you on that stage if you started reading out of that. Um, the truth. Is that you need to bring your, your, your, you need to bring your Bibles.

You need to be able to read along with what the spirit of God is saying. The Bible says is whoever has ears to hear, let him hear what the spirit of God is saying to the church. How many know he’s speaking to the church? Amen. I’m gonna say that again. How many of you know that he is speaking to. The church last week, pastor Terry was talking about the kingdom of God.

We’re actually gonna be talking about the kingdom of God for the next few months because his kingdom is unshakeable. It is unstoppable. Uh, the Bible says there’s coming a time that there’s a time, and that time is now where everything that can [00:01:00] be shaken will be shaken, so that those things that cannot be shake.

Will remain. Anybody know what I’m talking about? Yes. It’s funny how you can go through life and there’s things in your life that will be shaken up and then all of a sudden it falls down to the bottom and there’s not, uh, the things that comes right back down to the bottom are the things that remain the thing.

The weighting matters of life. The weighty things of life will come right back down to the bottom simply because God designed it that way and his kingdom is increasing. Amen. Amen. His kingdom is expanding. You may not. You may, you may have some things you that you may not be able to understand it and not perceive it, but the kingdom of God is advancing in every sphere of influence we win.

Amen. Amen. Some of y’all are not convinced we win. I’m not talking about the cowboys, I’m talking about the Kingdom of God. The kingdom of God. It’s called we win, and so that’s the case. We need to get on board with his kingdom and let his kingdom infiltrate our minds and our hearts so that we can advance the [00:02:00] kingdom of.

In our families, on our jobs, every sphere of influence that God has called us to, that is what He wants us to do. Amen. Yes. Amen. All right, let’s pray. Lord, I thank you for your word that is alive. It’s powerful. It’s sharper than any two-edged sword. I pray, God, that the anointing of the power of your Holy Spirit, even right now, Lord, in this room, as you’re saint says, your children, your sons and daughters are.

Hear it together. I’m praying God, that you would help us to, to get it, Lord, to help us not to just hear a message, not just to hear preaching, but help us, Lord, to really gain understanding. Lord, help us to not just be heroes of the word, but to be doers of the word so that we don’t deceive ourselves. And so we thank you Lord for that.

In Jesus name, amen. Amen. We have your Bibles. Turn with me to Mark chapter. Mark chapter one. We’re probably going to, and we’re gonna stay here if you are trying to find something to study for the year. We’re gonna be studying, talking about the kingdom of God. And [00:03:00] so, uh, I believe that right now is one of the best times to talk about the kingdom, simply because the Bible says that the kingdoms of this world are becoming the kingdoms of our.

and if the kingdoms of this world are becoming the kingdoms of our God, then there needs to be something on the inside of us that’s that that comes to life and find out what the king says. If we’re in his kingdom and he’s a king, I wanna do what the king says. I wanna do what I want to do. I don’t wanna do what I think is right.

I wanna align myself with what the king is telling me to. Amen. It’s not about, it’s not about something’s, like the laws of this land, the governing laws of this land. What is the king saying? What is, what is Jesus saying? Not what, not what I’m hearing everybody else say, not what I’m, not what I’m looking at on YouTube or Instagram, all these things, cuz some of everybody’s got nice clips and things to say, but I want to align myself with what the king.

It’s shame. One of the things that my, my mother, uh, she didn’t have to say this much, but my mother would say to me, she would say something and I’d be like, but [00:04:00] I, I think, and she’d be like, what did I say? Anybody? Anybody know what I’m talking about? You can’t win cuz you’re my but anybody raise your hand if you remember that.

Or grew up in a time where my mother, that’s all she had to say. She’d go, what? Did I say? And she didn’t even have to explain that part. All of a sudden, all of a sudden my mind and my will, my body emotion just came into alignment and I would say, yes, ma’am. All of just all of a sudden outta my mouth would say, yes ma’am, and I would do what she said because I knew that if I didn’t do what she said, that there would be another king of the house that would come in.

Can I get a witness? Anybody know what I’m talking? Father would come home. But lemme just tell you, my mother wouldn’t even sometimes wait for my father to get home. She would deck me right then and there. She’d be just like, did you hear what I said now? And be like, you know what I did? I actually did hear what you said.

Because that’s just kind of the way we grew up. It just, we, we would align ourselves of what, what she said. And so this is important for us to see what the king says. Here’s what it says in Mark chapter one. We’re gonna try to verse. It came to pass in those days that [00:05:00] Jesus came from Nazareth of Galilee and was baptized by John in the Jordan, and immediately everybody say immediate.

Immediately and immediately coming up from the water, he saw the heavens party and the spirit descending upon him like a dove. Then a voice came from heaven. You are, he says this, you are my beloved son, in whom I am well pleased. Jesus was filled with the spirit of God, and, and this is what it says. After that, immediately the, uh, the Spirit drove him into the wilderness and he was there in the wilderness, 40 days tempted by Satan and was with the wild beast, and the angels ministered to him.

And then this is, this is where the crux of the story is. It says now, verse 14. Now, after John was put into prison, Jesus came to Galilee preaching the gospel of the kingdom of God and saying, the time is fulfilled. The kingdom of God is at hand. Repent and believe in the gospel.[00:06:00] 

The time is. and the kingdom of God is at hand. Repent and believe in the gospel. That was his message. That was a message He preached. That message, the message of the kingdom. The time is fulfilled. Now. We’re gonna do a little study this morning. The time is fulfilled. Here’s what this means. That means every word, you guys can put it up on the screen, which when it talks about the time, the time is fulfilled, everything that God, everything that the old Testa.

Uh, prophets had had talked about the foreshadowing. They were talking about a time when the Messiah would come, the king would come, and all of a sudden that, that they were waiting for that all throughout the Old Testament, there was poore told and foreshadowed that there would be, there would be a time that that, that it would be fulfilled when the Messiah would come.

Do you guys have that, Jeremiah?

Is it. Okay. I’ll just, until you find it, I’ll, I’ll just explain it in the word. The times fulfilled. That word means Cairo. [00:07:00] As a Cairos time, a cairos moment, which actually means that it is a monumental strategy, a strategic moment. Talk to, this is what it says. It’s cairos of uncertainty of any, an occasion that is set at the proper time.

How many you know that God set a proper time for the king to come? And so it says the time is fulfilled. That’s what that word means. Cairos. There’s a time is fulfilled. Everything that the Old Testament talked about, everything that the prophets and everybody talked about, they’re saying right now is a Cairos, and Jesus stepped into his ministry saying the time is fulfilled.

Matter of fact, if you remember in Luke four, 18 and 19, he says, the spirit of the Lord is upon me because he’s anointed me. The good news to the poor to heal, heal up the brokenhearted, to set at liberty those that are captive to, to uh, to all. And then it says to bring, re recovery of sight to the blind.

Then he says, to proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord. A cairos moment. So he says, the time is fulfilled. The time is fulfilled. Then he says, this, the kingdom of God, is it him? Here’s a, here’s another word, brought [00:08:00] the kingdom. Um, talks about the word, the fact that the king is, When the king has come, this is what it means.

Look at this word makes a replete. It’s a coincidence, and to preach fully that the king is at, the king is at hand. Go to the next one as. That the king is at hand. This is right here. The royalty is here. The royalty of the king is here, and that it is a realm. When we’re talking about the kingdom of God, we’re not talking about a realm that’s of this world.

Do you hear what I’m saying? Yeah. Matter of fact, if you’re not of this world, you are, you are not of this world. This is, this is not your home. Anybody know what I’m, you know what? I’m, it is not your home. And so he says this, that the world, there’s a, there’s a Cairos. The king is here. The one who has all royalty is here, and there’s a realm that’s here that’s beyond the realm that you can see with your physical eyes.

What you see right now is what you see, a guy standing on stage with a cowboy or jersey on and boots. That is not ultimate [00:09:00] reality. It’s happening right now. All the same. But the ultimate reality is this. There’s a king who has. And all power, all dominion, all might, everything is in his hands and he has seated up the right hand of the, of the father.

Not only that, but not only is a king here, but all of the things that have to do with his kingdom has come with him. And that kingdom and that realm is overtaking the realm of this world. That’s right. And if you don’t get on board with what the king is doing, then you’re gonna miss out on what the king is wanting to continue to do in this world.

Do you hear what I’m. But even if you miss out, the Bible says that every knee shall bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. Amen. Amen. So it says, it says the king, say king is come. What’s the the next one? Okay, so here’s what it says cuz I’m gonna recapture a word this morning and that word is repent.[00:10:00] 

In the church, people don’t talk about this word. And don’t talk about the word repent anymore because it makes people feel bad, makes people feel bad when you say the word. You need to repent cuz that’s what John Baptist was saying. Repent. Make their way straight for the risen Lord, for the, for the king to come.

The word repent and immediately when I say the word repent, it actually, you think about the word, it’s just like, man, I’m just a dirty, rotten sinner. I just wanna tell you that all of sin then come short of the glory of God. There’s not one righteous. The Bible says not one. Yeah, that’s right. Is that true?

That’s is that the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God, God’s eternal life. I mean, you glad that that we came outta darkness and in his marvelous. But the word, here’s what the word repent means. It actually means, as we set up there, it actually means to change the way that you think. It means to change the mind, to change the way that you think.

And, and he says, this is what he’s saying. The kingdom of God has come. This is the message of the kingdom. The time is fulfilled. The, the, [00:11:00] the time that everybody has been talking about is fulfilled and, and the, the, the king has come. Therefore, repent. Change the way that you think and believe in the gospel.

You gotta change the. That you think anybody ever going in one way, thinking one way and all of a sudden something changed their. Oh yeah. Anybody know what I’m talking about? Women do this all the time. Anybody know what I’m, what I’m talking about . I’m, I’m joking about that because I’ve, I said this to my wife.

I was like, I thought we were, we were doing that, and she was just like, I’m a girl. She goes, I can change my mind if I want to. That’s what she says sometimes to me. She goes, that’s, that’s, I’m, I’m a girl. I can change my mind. And so sometimes I, I, I actually thought, and I said this to him the other night, I actually thought some things when I was a kid and all of a sudden I realized that I was wrong and it changed my mind about some things.

Anybody know what I’m talking? When I was growing up, I thought to the fact, I was like, I can’t wait to get away from my parents. I can’t wait till I get, I’m be grown and I’m going make my own money. I don’t have to ask my dad for any money, and I’m gonna tell you I’m gonna be rich and I’m gonna make money.

I’m gonna spend whatever I want to spend and do whatever I [00:12:00] wanna do. My mind was changed when I was in at the school, in the shower, and I had to fill up the water with the shampoo bottle because I couldn’t have enough to last the rest of the week. And so that changed my. I, I remember saying, when I have kids, I’m gonna make sure that I don’t yell at my kids and I’m gonna speak to ’em like, like they’re, they got like, I got some sense and I’m gonna make sure that I’m gonna tell them.

I’m never gonna yell at my kids. And I’m gonna tell you what I, all of a sudden I had kids and I changed my mind. , I absolutely changed my mind and I find myself saying some of the same things that my dad said to me. Isn’t that crazy? I told I will never, I will never, all of a sudden I thought, I saw, I, I love my parents and they, and they’re, uh, they’ve been, been married for a long time and I was like, I’m gonna have a, I’m gonna be the same thing.

I’m gonna be the same way. And I’m, but I’m gonna be a little bit different because I’m gonna tell my wife what to do and she gonna do it. You know what? I got married and guess what? I changed my mind. , I changed my mind. [00:13:00] I, I, I, all of a sudden I find myself saying, yes ma’am. I didn’t know I would be. You change your mind.

That means you go in one way, thinking one way, and all of a sudden you change your mind. And that’s what God is wanting you to think. You went one way and thinking one way about who God has called who, what you’re supposed to do your way. Each one is going his own way, but the Lord is delivered about it at all.

The, here’s what God is saying, you gotta change the way that you think about the kingdom of God. You can’t go in thinking one way and thinking that it is your kingdom and it’s your way. You have to align with what the king is saying in order to be able to do what the king is doing to advance the king’s agenda.

Amen. True. It is not your agenda. It’s not your way what you think. It’s what God is saying. Yes. And the only way you’re gonna be able to advance the kingdom of God in your life is if you align with what his system and his way of doing things. Amen. Amen. Amen. I got a picture I might have put. It is my lovely wife.

I love Vanessa. She is my, she’s a love of my life. But here’s a picture. You guys, if you ever walk in my office, [00:14:00] you will see this picture of Vanessa. She, she was missionary before I, she was going to missions. This is when she was in Africa. And, um, and she loves missions. She still, she absolutely loves going.

Vanessa’s a picture of, of her with some, with some, with some kids in Africa. And I would like to think that that’s the reason why she wanted to marry a black man.

She grew up in Maine, bunch of white people all around her. She went to Africa and all of a sudden she saw them black children and all them, them black men. And she goes, I gotta have one of those. Wow. She went in one way and came out another way thinking, change her mind. And Can I get a witness on that?

She found her, she saw them, them rocos running around now and she goes, you know, we know how we do. And all of a sudden she goes, I got to get me one of those. And lo and behold, [00:15:00] The king has come . I’m just kidding. I need to sleep. I need a place to live tonight. I need a place to stay. I’m coming to your house, Kendall.

So anyway, but here’s the truth. Tell me you’re laughing, but God is wanting to change the way you think about some things that are going on in your life. Yeah, there are some things right now that you’re thinking and your thinking is not the, the way of the king in the Bible says that God says it’s about us.

I know the thoughts I have towards you, say of God. They are to prosper for you. They are to give you not to harm you. They’re to give you a hope in the future. And that’s the way that he’s saying, this is what I think about you. Wouldn’t it be, uh uh, it would behoove you to say, Lord, I know you know the thoughts that you think toward me.

I need to align my thoughts with your thoughts. I’ll need, I need to align my will, my way with your will and your ways so that I can do what you’ve called me to do. Amen. When you think that I, I say this sometimes when I’m trying to get wisdom, I’m trying to get the, the mind of the Lord on a, on a matter.

I’m trying to get, I’m [00:16:00] trying to get the thinking about, but the, the Bible says, Jesus, when he came preaching and teaching the kingdom, he did it in such a way that he would say, this is what the kingdom of God looks like. This is what the kingdom of God looks like. It looks like. It looks like Levin and it Levin the whole, it looks, it looks like this.

He’s trying to paint a picture of what the kingdom of God looks like. He’s trying to get. Why is he painting a picture of what the kingdom of God looks like? Simply because he wants us to see it with our eyes so we can change the way that we think and to change the way that we live. Because the Bible says, as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.

Change a man’s mind, change a person’s mind. You’ll change the way that he. Amen. Amen. Amen. And he says this, if you, if you’re not even born again, you won’t even, you won’t even see the kingdom. If you’re not, you gotta be born again. Can we be able to see it? Then he says this, he says, he says that if you’d have come like a, a little [00:17:00] child, if you don’t come like a little child, you won’t be able to receive the kingdom.

Remember, I did this a few, uh, a couple weeks ago. Would Ben, would you stand with the, with, with I? Baby, would you stand with her? Look at, look at this. Look at this baby. Everybody said we’re all together. Oh. Oh. Look at how you holding that baby. They just complete. And some of y’all, some of y’all do that on Sunday morning while I’m preaching y’all, but to stopped that.

But look, look how, look how, look how peaceful the baby is. Not worried about anything. Not worried about one thing. I’m telling you what, and I said this a couple weeks ago, doesn’t know, doesn’t, does not know anything about Biden. Kamala Harris doesn’t know anything about the system and the government and don’t know nothing about that.

All she know is, is that when she going cry, somebody going to feed her. When she is upset that man, Ben is [00:18:00] gonna run to her aid and make sure she has everything that she. I like to return that way. I’m, I’m wet. Somebody changed me, , I’m hungry. Somebody feed me, man. Thank you, Ali. You can, man, here’s the deal.

You got somebody who’s right when you’re hungry, feeds you when you need clothes, cloth you on when you need protection, protects you. When you need keeping keeps you he that keepeth Israel. Neither slumbers nor sleeps. The one that watches over Israel is the same one that watches over you. The same one that, that, that is your redeemer.

How many you know that he’s the king of kings and he’s the Lord of Lords. He’s the alpha, the omega, the beginning and in the first and the last and everything in between. He is the God of our s. And he’s on a throne and he reigns and he rules. And he is, and he absolutely holds all power in his hand. And we need to understand and get into a place where we realize that the king has come and we’re gonna align ourselves with the king.

Yeah. And what he’s saying, it’s the last of, that’s, that’s where I’m gonna, I’m gonna [00:19:00] see, turn, turn real quick. Um, to, to Ephesians. Ephesians chapter four. I’m gonna, I want to, I wanna read this to you. We’re gonna go all the way down there.

I didn’t encourage you to read this whole chapter, but I’m gonna break in on verse 20. It says this about us, but you have not so learned Christ if indeed you have heard him and been taught by him as the truth is in Jesus that you put off concerning your former conduct. The old man which grows corrupt according to the deceitful lust.

And here’s what he tells us to do, to be renewed in the spirit of your mind. I want you to say that with me. Be renewed. In the spirit of your mind, that word renewed, do you put it up there, Jeremiah? That word renewed means this. This is important for you to understand what this word, the word re renewed means It.

It actually means to renovate. Some of y’all need a renovation [00:20:00] in your mind. To be renewed in the spirit of your mind means to renovate. That means the old things that are in that room have gotta. That means that the room that is exists right now, there’s some things about that room that’s gotta change.

How many of you know God wants to rearrange some of the furniture of your mind? He wants to go in and say, I know that you think it looks good right here, but I know I’m the best interior decorator. Not only that, I’m a carpenter. I know what needs to happen in this house. I know that there’s some, some leaks and there’s some foundation issues, but I want to tell you that it’s time for a renovation in your mind.

And to be renewed by the spirit of your mind means to renovate and to bring the old things out because you don’t act that way because you have been crucified with Christ and it’s no longer you that live, but Christ that lives within you. Yeah. And the life I let now live, I live in the Son of God because he died for me.

Yeah. And he cares. I don’t live that way anymore because I’ve been renewed in the spirit. I’ve been, there’s been a renovation. There’s been some old things taken out. Some of that old way of thinking, [00:21:00] that old wine skins, those old things have been taken out so that I can be renewed in the spirit of my mind, so that I can think correctly in my thought life, my thought life, my thought life comes in alignment with what the king is saying.

Yes, sir. The biggest battle of your face, you’ll hear me say this a lot. The biggest battle of your face is right here, right between your ears. That’s right. The battle of the. . He won’t be, he won’t be like, well, I I What about Covid? Listen, it is. What about all these other days? I’m telling you Right.

Between your ears. That’s right. Is the battle. That’s right. If you can, that’s why he says, take every thought captive and bring it to the obedience of Christ, the obedience. Bring it, take it captive. Hmm. I know the thoughts you think towards me, say the Lord. If you gimme a future and a. . I’m gonna bring my thought in alignment with the king.

I don’t know what the king says. The only way to know what the king says is to read His word. Is to read his word. Yes. And I don’t, he shouldn’t have to say to me, what did [00:22:00] I say ? What did I say? What did I say? But God, did you look at my bills? What did I say? Did you look at the what? The, what the doctor said?

What did I say? But did you hear? What did you see? My marriage? What did I. But you see what’s going on in the world. What did I say? Do I have to say it again? What did I say? What did the king say? But you don’t understand. God, I got this going on. What did I say? I was there when I said it. I was there when the, when the foundation of the world was formed.

You were there in your mother’s room. I formed you. I’m saying what did. Say, but you don’t understand the circumstances. My word is a lamp into your feet and a light into your path, and it is forever settled in heaven. God, I’m gonna stand on what you said and not what everything else around me is saying.

I know it’s saying some other things. I know it’s bringing up some other things, but I will not be Moo. The old saint said, I will not, I shall [00:23:00] not be moved. Just like a tree planted by the rivers of water. I am standing on the word of God. I will not be moved. You can’t persuade me, you can’t change me. You can’t bring me.

I away from what God is saying and what his word is saying over my life. The old saying, she used to say this, I ain’t gonna be moved on this. They say what? Say that? And I was like, what did that mean? I go, that mean I’m not going change. That’s it about what the mind of Christ is saying about me. And you have the mind of Christ.

That’s right. Amen. Amen. Amen. You have the mind of Christ. So repent. It’s not a bad word. Repent. Change the way that you think. Bring your thoughts in alignment with the king kings and advance his kingdom and every sphere of influence that you have going. Amen. Amen. Amen. Amen. We’re singing song in children’s church.

He’s got the whole world in his hand, but at the same time, [00:24:00] we sing that but we don’t live it. Mm, that’s right. We don’t believe it. If we believed it, then we wouldn’t run around like chicken little that the sky is falling. That’s right. Come on. The sky is falling. . Lemme tell you what it is. He said in the last days he was pouring his spirit out on all flesh.

There is something that’s coming from the skies and it’s his spirit of God. How many know we need a spirit of God right now during this time? Some of you just like, well, we need a, we need a new government. The government is on his shoulders. That’s right. Somebody said, we need a new leader, and we got a new leader.

He’s already came. 2000 years ago, and he is a king of kings and he’s a lord of lords. Somebody say, well, we need a new establishment. His word is established right now, and heaven and earth will pass away, but his word will remain. The flower withers and, and the gra, the grass withers and the flower fades, but his word will remain forever.

Yes, the king is here. Make way for the King John Baptist said, make this way straight. The [00:25:00] king is coming long. Live the king. Long live the. because the king is here. Amen. Amen. Anybody want to align with the king? Amen. Anybody want to come in alignment with the king and what he’s saying? And listen, I know some of you got situations and circumstances going on right now that you just like, I don’t know how in the world it’s going to change.

I don’t know. You, pastor Chris, if you knew, if you knew what I had going on, if you knew the battle I have in my mind, if you knew my thought life, if you knew the depression, if you knew about the oppression, if you, if you knew you wouldn’t be preaching that. I’m telling you, I’d preach it anyway because I know that the king is the one who changes everything.

That’s it. Yes. Mm-hmm. , there’s things right now, the president hadn’t been able to put any law at. But the law and order ain’t coming any a TV show. It comes from the King of Kings. Amen. And he wants law and he, he put his laws in and, and the order comes from him. He’s the one that orders it and establishes it.

Amen. That’s good. You hear what I’m saying? Yes, sir. Somebody need to stop watching Law and Order. But anyway, [00:26:00] I’m telling you, come into alignment with the king.