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One of the things that we’ve been talking about kingdom as a as a church. We were talking about the kingdom, and last week we had a vision weekend. If you weren’t here talking about our vision weekend, one of the things that we asked you to do was pray about the vision that God has given us, the vision that He’s g, that he’s given us as a church.

[00:00:17] And that is, the vision has not changed. The vision is that we are called to make disciples of Jesus Christ. If you don’t know that, you say, what’s this church about? We are still about making disciples. God has called us to make disciples. He says, for you to go out and make disciples of all nations.

[00:00:31] And because of that, one of the things that we’ve asked you to do, and we’re gonna pass out here in just a minute, the ushers are standing by. But in, in that we had a card and we ran out actually. Second service, believing that some, a lot of you took cards to a, to pray about how you can pray about the vision and what God is saying and also how God has called you and asked you to give toward the vision.

[00:00:51] We believe that there’s some things that we need to be able to help us because we’re there’s 90 nations that were represented at the prayer directors. We’re in 30 countries and God is using us to make an impact all over the world. How many of you are thankful? I am, I’m thankful that you can be a part, you’re here at this place, but also we’re being broadcast all over the world and all over the world.

[00:01:11] People are being impacted by the powerful message of Jesus Christ. And so we’re asking you to pray about that and also to pray about giving and what that looks like. Ushers are gonna hand out cards because those of you that didn’t get cards this past Sunday, they want you to raise your hand.

[00:01:25] We wanna get ’em to you this morning. Go ahead and ra lift your. I’m praying even if you did get a card and you made it a bookmark and you put it on your refrigerator and you forgot about it. Raise your hand. Raise your hand if you’re Sure. Go ahead. Go ahead and pass out cards. And along with those cards is also prayer cards.

[00:01:39] So the cards that they have had to do with prayers because this morning I am talking about prayer. Everybody say prayer. Prayer. Are you doing that? Because we just came from the prayer. No, I had it. I had it in my schedule to talk about prayer is because when we’re talking about the kingdom of God in Matthew six, he tells us to pray thy kingdom and thy will be, say it again with me, thy kingdom and thy will be.

[00:02:08] And so that’s what God’s called us to do. He says kingdom of God is, The Kingdom of God is at hand. He tells us to repent and believe in the gospel. In Mark one 16, it says, worship to repent and believe in the gospel, but the kingdom of God is here. It’s at hand. It’s near. Many people say, look over here.

[00:02:25] This is the kingdom. Look over here. This looks like the kingdom. But he says this, he gives pictures of the kingdom and he says that the kingdom of God is like a mustard seed that you, if you have faith of a mustard seed and it grows into a, it is a little bitty seed, but it grows into a big tree and the birds come in and nest in, it says the kingdom of God is like 11.

[00:02:43] And a little bit. 11 eleven’s a whole lump. It’s the kingdom of God is like that. Kingdom of God is like a man who who has found out that there was treasure in the field. And so the he, the treasure was so important to him that he sold everything and bought that field. The kingdom of God is Jesus painted pictures about the kingdom of God so that we could get it.

[00:03:02] But then he also told us to pray for the kingdom. The kingdom of God is at hand. So here’s what we know about prayer, James chapter five. Verse 13 says this, if you, it is gonna be on the screen, but you can turn to it. Said, is there any anyone among you suffering? Let him pray. Is there anyone, is anyone cheerful?

[00:03:22] Let him sing songs. Any, is anyone among you Sick? Let him call for the elders of the church and let them pray over him. Anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord. And the prayer of faith will save the sick and the Lord will raise him up. And if he has committed sins, he will be forgiven. How many of you glad your sins are forgiven?

[00:03:41] Amen. Anybody glad your sins are forgiven? I am. Who? Be forgiven. Confess your trespasses to one another and pray for one another that you may be healed. Now, when we think about it, just stop for a second. We think about, you may be healed. We’re thinking about physical ailments. But I want to tell you, God, I, I just wanna tell you as a testament look for just for.

[00:03:59] God has called us not only to pray for just the physical ailments, things in your body pain, different things like that, but I believe that God has called this church to pray for mental illness and for mental health, and for oppression and depression, and for freedom to come about. In this house. You, I’m, I want you, I’m gonna tell you that the Lord has talked to me about this.

[00:04:18] He’s been talking to me about that for a couple of years. He goes, Chris, do you want to see mental health healed? Because it’s a very real thing. I say, yes sir, I do. I wanna see it healed, and so I’m believing that God’s caught it and they will be healed. That’s what it says. Then we says this, we’ve heard this before.

[00:04:31] The effective, everybody say Effective. Effective. How many know one Wanna know the best way to pray? Anybody wanna know the best way to. The disciples were with Jesus all the time. They saw him heal the sick. They saw him raise the dead. They saw him do miracles. They saw him turn five loaves of bread and two fish into thousands, and he fed thousands.

[00:04:50] Not only did he feed thousands, but there was some left over, and they saw him do all these miracles, all these signs, all these wonders. And they saw that day in and day out, they saw him confound the whys and the Pharisees and the Sadducees. They saw all these things that Jesus did, and the one thing they asked Jesus to do was to teach them to pray.

[00:05:11] Yes. Why is that? Feel me? Me, I’d be like, Lord, show me how to do a lot right there. When you raise a God, when you spit in the ground and put on it, show me how to do that right there. He’s And so they saw that, but they knew that Jesus had a connection to the Lord, to the. Because he only did what he saw the father doing only heard, only said what he heard their father saying.

[00:05:30] And so because of that, they saw, so they knew he had a connection to the Lord through prayer. They saw him as was his custom. They saw him get up a great while before, day and pray, and they said, teach us how to do that because we know the reason why you were able to do this is because you’re doing that.

[00:05:43] Amen. So we wanna see signs and wonders. You wanna see things released in your life. You wanna see God move in a mighty way, in a powerful way. We gotta get back to. Amen. Amen. Amen. The effective the word says, the effective fervent. That word fervent means to wax hot, a hot prayer. A hot prayer. I’m talking about a hot prayer.

[00:06:04] Anybody ever seen metal get hot? What are you doing when metal’s hot? You can beat it and you can make it be whatever it needs to be so that it can work out. However, it needs to be worked out so that it can accomplish whatever it needs to a tool or whatever it is. You can heat it up. If a prayer gets hot, you can, it’s malleable.

[00:06:19] You can. You can make it be whatever. So our prayers need to be hot so that God can use it to go ahead and do what he wants to do in this nation, in this, in your. How many of you are praying for God to do something in your life right now? I’m praying. Raise your hand high. Don’t be shy about it. I’m praying too.

[00:06:33] Another hand sit down, put my feet up too. I’m telling you, I got all kinds of stuff praying. Okay? How many of you right now are praying for God for somebody you’re praying to God for? Somebody raise your hand. Okay. I’m telling you God, the of fervent prayer of a righteous man, woman avails much hot fervent effecti.

[00:06:53] What’s the best way to pray? Some of you struggle with prayer because you’re like, I don’t know what to pray. I don’t know what to I Sometimes, anybody ever get, I don’t know what to say. You don’t how to raise your hand. You don’t know what to say. I don’t know how to pray. I don’t know how to pray that at all.

[00:07:04] That’s why you have the spirit of God on the inside of you because he knows how to pray. Amen. Through you. Amen. Yes. And so we don’t think about prayer in that way. Why was the prayer meeting in this year with less than the years passed? Simply cuz people, we don’t, I don’t think the church believes that prayer works.

[00:07:21] I do. I believe. Anybody ever pray? Sometimes you get in prayer cuz I do this. Sometimes we pray. You try to help God out with your prayer. Try to let God know what you need, what they need to happen. Anybody ever do that? Sometimes? Yep. Be like, Lord, I know you know all things, but , if you could just smack ’em or if you would just don’t smack ’em, but just tap him on the shoulder and then just bring somebody around, Lord, that.

[00:07:47] Put ’em in the headlock and Lord, just go ahead and Lord, if you would just talk to ’em in this way. Lord, what they really need is a game changer. They really need to get off. They off the couch and do what they need to do is what they really need to do. But if you’ll just bless ’em, Lord, if you would just do that would be great and smack ’em.

[00:08:03] You know what I’m saying? This is all we pray certain things, we’ll try to help God out with our prayers. I was I love, I call ’em my parents, my spiritual parents. Mom and dad, Terry and Susan, we, Vanessa and I were with them a few weeks ago. We had spent a couple days together and and think it’s funny now, I didn’t share at First service, but I thought, I think it’s funny.

[00:08:22] We sat down with them for breakfast and I said I go, dad, I go. How do we tell somebody that they need to change? He was a family member. We sat down with him, and Vanessa and I were, we sat down and just tell us what they, what we need to do to tell ’em to change. They need to change. And so Terry, out of his wisdom, out of the wisdom of his heart, him and mom said this, they go pray about it.

[00:08:43] I go, Okay. But then after you have prayed about it how do we do we tell ’em that they need to change? Do we come up behind him and be like, Hey, you need to change. He goes, I go, what do we need to do? And Vanessa and I sat there and just listened, just, what do we do? He goes, I’m telling you, both of ’em sat together.

[00:08:59] You need to pray because you do more on this end with prayer, then you will on your end with words. And I was. But when words don’t matter you know what I’m saying? I’m always trying to manipulate, and I’m telling you, some of you are laughing, but God is saying, I’m waiting on you to pull down the he the tabs of heaven and partner with heaven so that I can bring heaven into your situation and your circumstance so that you can be changed and the person can be changed and the situation can be changed all at the same.

[00:09:33] And you talk about it, but you’re not praying about it. God says, get back on your knees. Get back to you. Remember when the old church brothers would pray? Do you remember when they would get down and grab these? Some of you guys don’t know about that, but they would pray the church, back in the day in my day, all the prayer meetings were filled with women, right?

[00:09:50] All the women would pray some of like where the dads and men were working. I’m telling you, we need men to stand up and take their rifle place in the prayer meetings as well. My people who are called by my. Amen. People, his people will call by my name words, humble themselves. God’s calling us to give back to prayer.

[00:10:08] Amen And pray. He says, effective fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much. And Matthew six to talk about the fact that he says, pray this thy kingdom come. That will be done. God’s put that Matthew six, nine. Therefore this man of prayer, how we be thy name, your kingdom come, your will be done. We talked about on earth it is not, it says it as it is in heaven.

[00:10:29] It goes on. It is in heaven. How many of you know the problem is not on heaven’s end? Yeah, that’s right. Is there any sickness in heaven? No, sir. Any fear? No sir. Unbelief? No sir. Cancer? No. Any of that stuff in heaven? No. No. The problem’s on this end. But if it is in heaven and we wanted to be on earth, whatever you bound on earth, be bound in heaven, whatever.

[00:10:51] You know what I’m saying? We’re saying, God, we want what heaven, what’s going on in heaven to come down in this situation. We need to pray about it and pray. Say, Lord, it’s not in my will, but your will be done. And we are asking you Lord to do great in mighty things. And so he says, pray thy kingdom come and thy will be.

[00:11:07] On Earth. So here’s where we pray. Lord, I pray that your kingdom would come in my mind, I pray, Lord, that your kingdom would come, Lord, not only in my life, but it would come Lord in my mind to help Lord, your kingdom to be advanced in my thinking. The first place, Lord, I want you to do and to change is my thinking.

[00:11:22] Lord, I pray, Lord, that you would give me the mind of Christ. I not only pray that over my life, but I. Prayed over Vanessa’s life. I pray, Lord, that you would give her the mind of Christ. I pray, Lord, that you would give not only her, the mind of Christ, but I pray that you would give that to my children. I pray, Lord, that you would do that over Ainsley, over cj, over Braden, over Luke, right now, the name of Jesus.

[00:11:41] I’m asking you Lord to not only that, but give them kingdom eyes to. See, let them see what you want them to see. I pray, Lord, that when they wake up in the morning, that they would have eyes for your kingdom, that they would see, Lord, with spiritual eyes. Give them a spiritual lens, Lord, so that they can see the things that you want them to see.

[00:11:56] Not only that, I’m praying that you would give them spiritual ears so that they will not hear the voice of a stranger, but they would follow after your voice. I pray, Lord, that. To you, the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. You’re the author of my faith, Lord, you’re writing the book of my life. You’re the one that printing out the pages of my life.

[00:12:14] I’m asking you, Lord, that as I’m in this place, that you’re writing it out. You’re the completer of my faith that you would help my mind to line up with your will, my emotions, to line up with the things of God that you would cause me to walk in your steps. That the steps of a righteous man are ordered by the Lord.

[00:12:29] Steps. I pray, Lord, that you would help my steps to be with your steps. I don’t wanna walk to the left or to the right. I wanna walk in your eyes. I walk in your steps. I thank you, Lord, that you said, lean out to our own understanding, but acknowledge you in all of our ways and you’ll direct my path. Lord, direct my path today.

[00:12:45] I don’t wanna lean on my own understanding. I don’t wanna do the things that I want to do. Lord, help me to walk according. Path. And you said in your word that I will show you the path of life. That in my presence there’s fullness of joy. And at my right hand there’s pleasures evermore. Help me to realize, Lord, that it’s in your presence, that I’m gonna find your path, that it’s in your presence, that I’m gonna find joy.

[00:13:05] It’s in your presence that I’m gonna, Find peace. Help my wife to find peace in your presence. Help my children to find peace in your presence. Help them Lord, not to be overtaken by the evil one, but help them to be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord. Help them Lord to realize that you’re building the house and unless you build a house.

[00:13:23] Lord Ev, all those in labor will be building it in vain. Help me Lord, to be the leader of my home. Help me be the husband. Help me to be the Father. Help me to be the son. Help me to be the worker, the pastor that you’ve called me to be. I don’t wanna do anything else, but according to your will. Yes. And go on and on.

[00:13:40] That’s a prayer we praying according to the word of God, because His will is his word. Yes. What has he said? And we pray according to his will and pray that, Lord, you will be. Amen. Amen. I’m praying at praying the word of God over your situation. Some of you, God is saying that if you’ll get back in partner with heaven there, there’s a breakthrough for you.

[00:14:04] That’s good. There is breakthrough for you. Yes. Not even in a way, because you’re praying for one thing, but God is like he’s thinking steps ahead. Ahead and He has something greater than what Your little, because you know what he said. You know why? I know that’s true. Because you think one way and he goes.

[00:14:19] That’s what he says. I can do exceedingly . He could have stopped there. That’s enough. Yeah. He goes, wait, there’s more abundantly. He be like, that’s pretty good too. He goes above all that. You ask or think. because he’s a big guy. Yes. How is he gonna do it? According to the power of his Holy Spirit that works in you?

[00:14:47] Yes. Who the spirit? Do you realize that when we pray that we have the power of the Holy Spirit on the inside of us? And that it’s not just praying. Now I lay me down to sleep, but when I lay down to sleep, the powers of God are invoke and all of a sudden, whatever it is that the enemy has meant for evil, God can turn it for good while I’m sleeping.

[00:15:09] Because even when I don’t see it, you’re working. Even when I don’t, he is working on my behalf, even when I’m sleep, even because he gives his beloved good sleep and he that keeping Israel, neither slumbers nor sleep, so he’s working. Yes. His eyes go to and fro and I’m tell you what, he’s working.

[00:15:28] So we need to get back to realizing. So today is about you realizing the power of prayer, kingdom prayer. I’m not just talking about I’m you and you can pray. I’m telling you somebody’s we’ll pray without ceasing. I am always connected to the Father. Yes, prayer is a posture. I’m always wanting to ask God.

[00:15:45] That’s what Jesus was doing. He was always asking. He did wake up a great while before a day, but then he would begin. He’d always connected to the. Oh, you want me to spit on the ground? Ooh, I can spit on the ground. Oh, you want me to put it in his eyes? Oh, I can do that. That’s gonna be good. This is gonna be real.

[00:16:01] Y’all get a little of, you know what I’m saying? He’s always connected to the fire because his kingdom powerful prayer. And if we realize that we would pray more. We were talking about working in the spirit. God is working. He’s working in us both to willing to do for his great pleasure. Will you partner with prayer and get back to a place of.

[00:16:21] And I’m, you guys were laughing earlier, but Pastor Terry and Susan, they were gracious cuz they’ve seen it. Some of you raise your hand if you’ve ever had a place where you needed God to come through for you and he’s done it. Raise your hand if you’ve seen the faithfulness of God.

[00:16:33] All right. Put your hand, hand down. How many of you have seen in the area of provision, I’ve seen an area aerial provision. Where David said, I’ve been young and I’ve been old. So we don’t know what old is anymore. I can’t say that anymore cuz we don’t know. Cause I just turned 46 yesterday and sometime my body tells me, ha, you old

[00:16:53] But the truth is that been young and been old. But David said, this is what I’ve seen. That means I lived a long time. I’ve never seen the righteous forsaken or see begging bread because he’s a god that comes through for his, he’s a benevolent father. Amen. And when you align your prayers with what he wants, he will deliver And cuz he watches over his word to perform it.

[00:17:15] Do you hear what I’m telling you? You may say something that he may not watch over it, but he watches over his word to perform it. So when he says, my promises are yes and amen through Christ Jesus. They are when he says things like, my grace is sufficient for you, it is when he says things like, my name is Jehovah Jira.

[00:17:33] I’m your provider. He is when his name is Jehovah Shalom and you need peace. He is. When you need the prince of peace, let him ride on in on that white horse and be your friends of peace. Some of y’all just I need a husband. You don’t just need a husband. You need the man that God has called you to have some of you just I need a wife.

[00:17:52] You need the woman that God has intended for you to have, and even before that, you need to change your life so you can be prepared for the woman or the man that God has for you. Oh, beyond your thoughts like I need a job. No, you need your assignment because God’s your provider. I need some money.

[00:18:09] No, he’s your source. You need to find your place in the kingdom of God so you can advance the kingdom of God. Yeah. It’s not your thoughts. What his, your thoughts are not his thoughts, your ways are not, but he says He reveals ’em by his spirit and the way that you’re gonna be get it revealed to you is by the spirit of God.

[00:18:27] Now by. Not by power, but by my spirit, says the Lord. I feel his presence in this room right now. Amen. Prayer ladies and gentle. Prayer. Ladies and gentlemen, I pray for you. We as pastors, pray for you every week, sometimes two or three. I pray for you all every day. We get together and we pray that you would have an encounter with the Lord every single day.

[00:18:51] We pray that you would get smack dab in the middle of his will and do the things that He’s called you to do. We pray that not only that for you, we pray for your family. We pray for your children’s. We pray that God would have his way in your life. We pray that he would not only have his way in your life, but you would submit and yield to his ways and his will, and not your will, but his will be done in your life.

[00:19:11] We pray those things over you because we believe in the power of prayer. Amen. Do you hear what I’m telling you? Yes.

[00:19:21] Every better say prayer. Say it again. Prayer. Prayer. We gotta get back to the place of. I feel the spirit of God in this room. There’s something that I wanna do. I’ve been wanting to wait to get to this farm. We was talking about kingdom prayer. I wanna do something in this room right now. I’m gonna ask all the women in this place to stand up

[00:19:44] all the women

[00:19:48] before I give you this word, what I feel like the Lord has told me to give you. I wanna say this to you. This is not what I’m about to tell you is not. A feministic trying to do a feministic movement, but this is what I felt like the Lord wanted me to say to you. As a pastor of this church and the leader of this flock, I want to stand on behalf of every word, every every hurt, every pain, every.

[00:20:22] everything that men have done to hold you back from your destiny. I want to pray and I want to ask you to forgive us for every time that a hurtful world word has come in and stifled you and kept you from stepping out and being who God has called you to be. And the, and I want to say this, every time you have felt like you couldn’t because you had to stay in a shadow every time you felt like that it was for somebody else.

[00:20:51] Every abuse, every pain, I’ve saying the Lord is saying this morning that he wants to lose, shatter and destroy that in your life today. Amen. Amen. Amen. Every place where there’s a scar that hasn’t healed every place where you’ve shed tears because you felt like that you couldn’t move forward. I wanna say that.

[00:21:10] I’m sorry. For every place that there’s been judgment or there’s been a blockade or there’s been something to keep you from walking and stepping out because you felt like you couldn’t, I wanna stand and in place of fathers who didn’t empower you. I wanna stand in place of even husbands, they didn’t even know they may be here.

[00:21:29] I’m not saying anything bad about your husband, but I’m saying God wants to release you this morning from the pain, the suffer. and the noose, the cage, the lid, the structure that has kept you. And it’s okay cuz it’s, I feel like the Holy Spirit said he’s gonna release a flood of emotions this morning. So I wanna say I’m sorry and I wanted you to be released this morning.

[00:21:59] Be released this morning. Be looser some morning and lift your hands. I’m gonna pray that this freedom of the Holy Spirit will be release this. Lord, I want to thank you for your presence and I wanna thank you Lord, and some of them may not know that they need it this morning, but I’m praying for your spirit to fall on them this morning.

[00:22:21] I’m praying God, that you had released in places, God, where there have been, there hasn’t been freedom. And I’m saying, God, that you release and your spirit and break off every chain, Lord, this morning in Jesus every chain, freedom be released. Over our ladies. Those of you that are watching online, I’m talking to you too.

[00:22:42] All the abuse, some of you have been abused. Total. You been so bad. It’s been so bad of abuse and hurt and pain. And the Lord says, this one, he just told me this, shame come off right now in the name of every aspect of shame in your life and come off this morning in the name of Jesus. And I’m asking Lord, for the freedom of God to be released in this place.

[00:23:02] Yes. Every place where you say that I couldn’t and I can’t and I’m not able to, and I don’t know if I can, Lord, I’m saying Lord, right now. This power, the anointing of your spirit be released in this place.

[00:23:18] Holy Spirit, would you come? Yeah, just come and release Jesus. Holy Spirit. Would you pour out your presence upon, or these ladies? So these young and older. Yeah, I’m talking to you. I’m talking to you. Faith, go ahead and just receive that. It’s all over you right now. Just spirit of God, I see him released on some of you guys, some of you ladies this morning, go ahead and receive it.

[00:23:41] Some of you don’t even know you need it, but let it, let the spirit of God be released this morning and we just say, God, holy Spirit, come and pour your precious spirit out of. Some of y’all don’t even know you need it because you the scars, you’ve been trying to cover it up with dress and you’ve tried to cover it up with makeup and you’re trying to cover it up, and the Lord says, freedom in this place today in Jesus.

[00:24:00] Yeah, I’m not trying to cultivate anything other than the presence of Lord that would of the Lord that would free you this morning. Some of you ladies need to say yes. He would go ahead and just tell the Lord. Say, yes, Lord. Whatev what you’re doing, Lord, right now in Jesus’ name. Thank you Lord. Thank you, Jesus.

[00:24:21] Thank you. So go ahead and take that promotion, . Go ahead and step out in faith. Go ahead and start that business. Go ahead and do the thing that you never thought that you couldn’t do. All the abuse and all the scars, all the thing. Lord says, I am the bomb of Gilead. I am the bomb of Gilead. And he’s doing the healing work this morning.

[00:24:41] He’s doing the work this morning. Some of you need to receive that in Jesus name. Yes, you are smart. You do have what it takes. You can do it. Yes, Lord. Thank you Jesus. Thank you Jesus. There’s this sweet aroma of the presence of God in this place.