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Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I want to make an announcement this morning to you and that is, Jesus Christ is the only way to the Father. Amen. I I, I don’t know if you’ve ever heard that before, Mo. Say it again because I want you to understand this morning, I want you to hear this morning that Jesus Christ is the only way.

[00:00:23] There is no other way to the Father. There is no other. To heaven. There, there’s no other way other than through Jesus and through the cross of Christ from which the, that, that we, that we preach. Even the Apostle Paul says this, If I come to you preaching another gospel, if any other minister comes in preaching another gospel, if any angel, even if an angel comes to you and he’s preaching another gospel, let that person let that angel be a.

[00:00:52] Because the gospel message of Jesus Christ then says that he came and lived among us and he died and he gave his life. And now I went into a tomb for three days and up out of that tomb, he came out with all power, all of. Authority. All dominion has been given to him, and he has the keys of death, hell and the grave, and he reigns forevermore.

[00:01:17] He is the king of kings and the Lord of Lord. He is the alpha, the omega, the beginning and the end. He is the first and the last. He is my redeemer. He is my my soul. Long for him. I know that my God reigns forever more. Listen, scoot over bit because you just biting your time. God is the one who reigns forever more, and that is the gospel that must be preached.

[00:01:45] That is a gospel that must be preached here at this church. In every church that proclaims the name of Jesus. Jesus is the only. Yeah. He’s the only way if everybody else in these other churches are trying to preach that maybe you can, There’s many multiple ways to heaven and there’s multiple ways. It’s like the basketball, it’s, it’s many lines that come up to the top and they, they’re saying stuff like that.

[00:02:10] Yeah. So lie. Yep. Jesus is the only way, and this is what they say. They go, You’re being narrow minded. You’re being narrow minded, and you are, you need to open up your mind. Yeah, close your mouth is what I’m wanting to say to you. Close your mouth because if you’re not preaching Jesus, Paul said, I didn’t come to you with persuasive words.

[00:02:33] I didn’t come to you trying to, trying to some kind of jigger. I didn’t come to try to figure and just try to be, move you over with my words. He said, I came to you preaching none other than Jesus Christ and him cruc. The message of the cross. I’m quoting scripture, by the way. If you don’t know, the message of the cross is foolishness to those that are perishing, but to those of us that are being saved, come on.

[00:02:56] It is the power of God. Not only that, Paul said, I am not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ for it. For it is the power of God under salvation. What is it? It go the gospel message of the kingdom. Now we preach the gospel message of salvation, but you don’t have to stop there. You preach the gospel says that there’s only one way Yeah.

[00:03:20] To heaven, and it’s true Jesus. If you have your Bibles turning John chapter 14. You guys still got your seatbelts on John chapter 14 verse. Says, Let not your heart be troubled. You believe in God. Believe also in me, in my father’s house are many mansions. If it were not so, I would’ve told you. I go to prepare a place for you, and if I go to prepare a place for you, I will come again and receive you to myself.

[00:03:48] That where I am there you may be also. And where you, where I go, you know? And you know the. And this is what I love about Thomas. Thomas always speaking up and him and Peter, they, they, they, they like tandem and, and saying stuff that they’re not supposed to say. But this is a good question. It’s a good statement and a good question.

[00:04:05] It’s a statement and then a question. See, Thomas said to him, Lord, we don’t know where you’re going, . We don’t know where you’re going. And, and this, and this is this. It is a, I want you to stop right there. I can keep on going, but I’m gonna stop right there. The world is asking that question right now. Lord, where are you going?

[00:04:24] Yeah, Where’s the church going? The reason why they’re asking that going that question, where you going is because the church has lost her way. Mm-hmm. , the church has lost her way. We’ve lost our way in theology theological. We’ve lost our way, Herman, musically. We’ve lost our way politically. We’ve lost our identity.

[00:04:47] We don’t know where we’re going. . There’s, there’s, I’m being, I’m being honest. You know where, where he, So Thomas asked a question. Here’s what’s funny is Thomas was with Jesus. He saw the miracles, he saw the signs, he saw the wonders. He was walking with Jesus, talking with Jesus, sleeping in the same areas where Jesus, he was with Jesus.

[00:05:05] And he still is saying this, I Lord, we don’t know where you’re going. We don’t, we don’t know where you’re going. He makes that statement, and the world is making that statement. In some ways, the church is making that.

[00:05:21] We lost. We are lost. Anybody ever been lost? I’m not talking about, I’m talking about royally lost. Anybody ever been like lost you? Look around. You just like, I don’t, I don’t know where I am. Anybody raise your hand? Come on you. I’m talking about you. So lost. Siri. Be like, Ha. You know what I’m saying, sir?

[00:05:42] Tripping on you, Siri. Turn her back on and be like, You are a mistake. You know what I’m saying? Just turn around. Just walk off. Anybody ever been that kind of lost? Let me take it back to the old days. Anybody been so lost that MAP score can’t find you. You know what I’m saying? The map score, you be like, you are here.

[00:05:58] Wait a minute. No, you’re hitting way. Oh Lord. How mercy? Anybody ever been lost that way? And when you have been, when you have been lost like that? You can’t wait to get to a place where you are familiar. I’ve been lost and so bad, never. And talking with Vanessa, Vanessa will sit there and be like, she goes, Just because Vanessa is a master finder, she, she, she found me in my lost states.

[00:06:24] I didn’t know where I was going. I was gone with the win. And she said, Frankly, Anyway, the truth is, is that God, Brought her to me and she can find you in any place. So she says this to me when I’m lost. She goes, You’re about to see something familiar. She goes here in just a minute, you’re gonna know where you are.

[00:06:47] And I go, I don’t know what, Oh, there’s hard eight. You know what I’m saying? And so or, or some, it’s usually some restaurants that I’ve been to or whatever. Oh, now I only know where I am. And the feeling that comes over you once you realize I now. Where I am. Do you guys remember when you were lost and all of a sudden.

[00:07:06] The Savior found you. Do you remember? He raised your hand. You remember when you were lost and you came out of darkness and into his marvelous light? Do you remember when you were destitute and you didn’t have anywhere to go? You didn’t have any way to go. You didn’t have any way to, You didn’t know where, which end was up.

[00:07:21] Then all of a sudden, the savior came in. You heard the gospel message. You heard the gospel of Jesus. Christ, and he came in and by the spirit of God, that mixed with the message of the gospel came in and you said, What must I do to be saved? And you came out of that dark. Does anybody know what I’m talking about?

[00:07:39] The church needs to wake up to that gospel again to hear the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ. You don’t know where they’re going. You guys remember the story of SEL and Gredo when they would leave the bread crumbs, try to get back the church. Needs to find the bread of life. That’s good. Again, to get back to the presence of God, To get back to the purposes of God, to get back to the promises of God, because the promises of God are yes and amen.

[00:08:13] Amen. Bread crumbs, he’s a bread of liar. So Thomas said, I don’t know where you’re going. How can we know the. The only way to know the way is to know the way Jesus said, I am the way. I am the truth. I am the life. No one comes to the father except through Jesus. You can’t say that Pastor Chris, because you’ll offend somebody.

[00:08:44] Offend a way because he’s the only way I’m gonna offend you. I’m the gospel. Offends the gospel, offends it will offend you. There is no other way to heaven. There is no other way to the Father. There’s no way, other way. When Jesus went to the discipl, He said, Follow me. He didn’t say, He didn’t say, I, I, I am a way and you don’t have to choose me if you don’t want to, but there’s other way.

[00:09:07] He didn’t say that. He goes, I am the only way to the father. I am the only way to heaven if we preach any other thing other than that, did you, I’m telling you, let you be a curse today. Let me be a curse today if I preach any other gospel. Come on. Do you hear what I’m saying? She says, I am. I am. It’s me.

[00:09:25] I’m the door. , anybody comes in other before me or anything else as a thief and a robber. I am, These are scriptures, by the way. I am the way, But see, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, there’s, there’s, there’s other people preaching a different gospel. I wanna show you, I want you to hear this. I’m, I’m you gonna see this and gonna make your blood boil, but remain seated.

[00:09:48] I’m gonna show you a video of a children’s church service. . Do either of you have any questions for Miss Pentecost? I like your eyeshadow. Oh, thank you. . Yeah. You like her eyeshadow? That’s great. Yeah. Yeah. Maybe she’ll let you borrow it when you’re older, when you’re allowed to wear makeup. Yeah, of course.

[00:10:06] Yeah. Well, one of the things I think is great about Miss Pentecost is she reminds us that we, we follow a God who calls us to not conform to things of this. Uh, that we’re supposed to be transformed by the renewal of our minds, and that means that what I think today may have to change tomorrow if I continue to renew my mind.

[00:10:27] And it’s so cool that we serve a God that calls us to continue to grow and continue to, to change into something new, uh, and to not be bound by the ways that the world confines us sometimes, that, that we’re supposed to live differe. What as a children’s church service, and the reason why I do these, I show you guys these videos because that kind of stuff is going on in churches today.

[00:10:50] That pastor is a pastor from Dallas, and that that conference happened in Florida where kids are, that you talking about being trans transformed there, there’s a trend, there’s a, there’s a drag queen, a transvestite coming into a children’s church service, and they’re twisting scripture to our kids. That, by the way, is on a TikTok video that your kids are watching.

[00:11:11] Yeah. Yes, yes, yes, ma’am. Yes sir. Yeah. So I’m telling you right now, there are other gospels being preached. Listen, I know that some of you guys get upset about some of the political stuff that I say and some of the things that I say. I don’t care. You need to know the truth. Some of you have said some things, just be like, Well, Pastor Christ, you don’t have to talk about it all the time until you wake up.

[00:11:32] Until you wake up. We are going to address these situations. We’re gonna address these things because you need to know. Not only do you need to know about it, I hope I’m telling you what, I’m a instigator. I hope you get. I hope you get upset. I hope you get like, not on my watch. You know, I hope you get to a place where you be like, I need to pray, but not only do you need to pray, but I need to pay a visit to one of these churches and try, you know, I went, lemme just tell you.

[00:11:55] I’m talking about going out and be the church unchurch. I went to a, a, uh, a pride meeting last Saturday. I your pastor went to a pride meeting last Saturday at a United Church in Frisco. Uh, there was a, it was a pride celebration. I. Because I wanted to talk to the pastor. I went and talked to the pastor.

[00:12:13] They got two different pastors, one’s traditional, and one is uh, one is contemporary. And I talked to ’em and I, and I just said, What, what mean this, You know, I just said, What is this about? Ha ha ha ha ha ha. How you, how you justify something like this? And I understand, you know, I’m like, Thomas, I don’t know where y’all.

[00:12:34] Actually I do, but I’m not gonna say right now. I do know where you’re going and let you turn around. I don’t know. And so this is what they told me. They said, Listen, you guys have weaponized scripture against us and we’ve taken all the people that you guys have spoken against and we’re taking them because we believe that.

[00:12:51] God died. He that God loves all I go. I agree with you. He go, We believe that Jesus died for all I go. I agree with you. And so we believe that you can still be homosexual. You still can be a lesbian. You can still have and you can still God. He’ll love you just where you are and you can still remain that way.

[00:13:06] And I’m just like, That’s where you’re wrong. Because you cannot, They go, Well, we look at the Wesleyan quadrant and there’s different quadrants. We take experience and we take the error and we take, I say, I don’t look, I don’t care what quadrant you are. You cannot do away with First Corinthians six, nine, or the Bible says you can’t pick up.

[00:13:22] Listen, the Bible is not trail mixed where you can pick out the m and m’s and then leave all the rest of this stuff just because m and m tastes good. You can’t do that. The whole Bible is in. The whole Bible is infallible. The whole Bible is authoritative, and the truth is, is that you have gotta come under your life.

[00:13:39] It’s gotta come under the authority of scripture. God’s word is the Word of God. It is God inspired. It is God. Breathe. God says that he is the only way and no one can come to the Father except through him. I’m glad to tell you tonight that Jesus Christ, the son of. Has an answer to every problem that you face.

[00:14:04] Jesus Christ, the son of God, has an answer to every burden that you carry. He says, If you are going to follow me, you have to call me master. You have to make me Lord, and master of your life. Then he said, You have to follow me. You have to abey me in the fellowship of my church all the way through the scripture, you will of the New Testament, you will find these words, the blood of Jesus Christ, the blood of Jesus Christ, the blood of Jesus Christ, the blood of Jesus Christ.

[00:14:34] His son cleans at us from all. He meant that you have to deny yourself. That part of you that is always interested in me and mine, the I, the ego. He said, if any man is to follow me, he’ll have to deny self and then he’ll have to take up a cross. He’ll have to come and be willing to die with me no matter what it costs.

[00:15:01] He is not here. He has conquered the grave. He’s alive. And ladies and gentlemen, I believe that there’s more proof that Jesus Christ rose from the dead than almost any other fact in Roman. Amen.

[00:15:22] One of the many challenges that I have as a next Gen pastor, I work with kids. I work with youth. Young adults, young adults, have a meeting today after service where we gonna talk more about Jesus Christ. But one of the challenges is I can preach and say, Jesus is the only way. The only way to the Father is through Jesus.

[00:15:44] But you wanna know a question they ask all the. Why? Why is Jesus the only way? Why can’t we get to heaven? Why can’t we get to the father? Why can’t we have eternal life? Some other kind way, which made me step back and ask, why are they even asking why? I believe it’s because of what we see back in the garden, how Satan likes to take God’s truth, twist it so that he can cause people to go against the standard of God.

[00:16:21] Like in that video, did you hear what I heard? The pastor there did not misquote some of the words in Romans chapter 12, verse two. He actually said exactly the text in Romans chapter 12 verse two. Let’s listen to it really quick. One more time. I want you to hear it. Well, one of the things I think is great about Ms.

[00:16:43] Pentecost is she reminds us that we, we follow a God who calls us to not conform to things of this. Uh, that we’re supposed to be transformed by the renewal of our mind. That is Romans chapter 12 verse two, Twisted in a way to those children so that they can live against the standard of God. But just like the enemy in the garden, he didn’t tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth because the rest of that verse says this, You be, do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind so that you may test and approve what God’s will is.

[00:17:27] Amen. Now what your own will is, what God’s will is. You don’t re your mind is not renewed every day. So you can wake up and approve how you feel for the day, what you wanna be for the day, how you want to identify for the day. That is not what the text said. It says your mind is renewed so that you can test what God’s will is.

[00:17:50] It’s not about me, me, me, me, me. It’s about him, him, him, him, him. Amen. Amen. There was another issue I had with the video. I am a next gen pastor, so I have another issue. He says that we do the renewing of our mind. When you wake up every day, we are supposed to renew our own mind. Listen to it. Here’s what he said, that what I think today may have to change tomorrow if I continue to renew my mind.

[00:18:23] We don’t renew our mind. Ezekiel chapter 36, verse 26 says this, that it is the Lord who renews our mind. It is him that renews our mind. As a matter of fact, if you do start to try to renew your own mind, that’s what, That’s what’s gonna cause you more stress. More anxiety, more sadness and depression and confusion.

[00:18:48] But when you let the Lord renew your mind, change your heart. That’s where you can walk in your divine purpose and destiny. I don’t know what God he is talking about. That allows you to renew your own mind, which is why I think this generation, the younger generation, asks, Well, why is Jesus the only. He’s teaching them about a God that is not the God of the Holy Bible.

[00:19:15] That’s right. Maybe he’s talking about the Confucius. Maybe he’s talking about Confucius. Maybe he’s talking about Confucius, Confucius, Confucianism, um, uh, that God. But here’s the issue. No. God can be conquered by death. And last time I checked, Confucius is still in the grave. Maybe he’s talking about Muhammad, the God of the Muslim faith.

[00:19:44] Well, actually, Muhammad himself said that he wasn’t a God. He was just another messenger, and last time I checked, he’s still in the grave. Maybe he’s talking about Brahman, the Hindu faith. God who says through the practice of yoga, you can become your own God. You can be enlightened and become your own God.

[00:20:05] One with the universe you are many gods. The God of the Holy Bible says, I am the only God and there is no other God but me. I dunno what God this guy’s talking about. If you have the Jewish faith, they don’t believe that the Messiah has even come back yet. Me and my friends used to play a game with one of our Jewish friends.

[00:20:29] Uh, you know it, a little joke, not knock. Not knock. Jesus, the one who came down from heaven, put on flesh, walked on this earth like you and me, but he did not, but, but he did things only God could do. That’s Jesus Christ. That’s the God we’re talking. That’s the God of the Holy Bible. We’re talking about Jesus Christ, the one who died for you and for me.

[00:21:01] You asked me, So why is Jesus the only way? Well, because He made the only way. The only way to eternal life. The only way to the. Jesus Christ. He was whipped. He was beaten. He was spat on. They put a crown of thorns, of thorns on his head. They sent him to the tomb. That’s where he died. But guess what? He got up.

[00:21:25] He was directed. There is no other God. Who claims to be God. There is no other person who claims that they are God that has done what Jesus Christ has done. So when you ask me why, I’m gonna tell you because that’s why ain’t nobody else has done what Jesus has done. Amen.

[00:22:47] Woo. Are you thankful that Jesus conquered death hell and the grave? Are you thankful that he’s resurrected? Are you thankful that he’s the way, the truth and the life? He’s not away. He’s not some truth. He is the way, the truth and the life. He’s alive and well. And I love that word life. That word in the Greek means Zoe.

[00:23:08] It’s the quality of life possessed by the one who gives it. He gives us his life feast on that . That’s some good stuff, you know? Um, I love what the, uh, Acts chapter three, verse 15 says that he is the author of life. Yeah. He’s the author of life, and that’s the same word, what we get from. Is what authority?

[00:23:36] Yes. So Jesus, because he’s conquered death, he has authority over life and death. Yes. So death is a tool in the hand of Jesus to bring more life. Has anyone experienced death in your life? Have you seen things that have died in your life that have passed away? Jesus said it this way. Unless the corn of wheat falls to the earth and dies, it abides.

[00:24:01] But if it dies, it’ll bear much fruit. Why? Because Jesus brings life outta death. You see what the enemy would’ve loved for Jesus to stay in that tomb, But what he didn’t realize is that tomb was actually a womb. Amen. The tomb was a womb and the enemy. There are places in our lives that he, he intended that for to be a to.

[00:24:24] Yeah. For you to die, for that to be. Then has anyone besides me ever been where you’ve thought, Okay, and you’ve heard this, is it, it’s over. You’re finished. You can’t, There’s no more. There’s no moving forward. Well, what was intended to be a tomb, a place of death, God, through his resurrection power, said, That’s not gonna be a tomb.

[00:24:42] You’re not gonna die there. You’re gonna live because the resurrection power of Jesus, the king of kings, the Lord of Lords, resides on the inside of. Yeah. He said it this way to Mary and Martha. They said, Lord, if you had been here when Lazarus died, if you had been here, if you had been here, Jesus, he wouldn’t have died.

[00:25:05] My brother would still be here. Both Mary and Martha said that to Jesus. Jesus said, I am the resurrection. Amen. I am the life. Yeah. I am the way. I am the truth. Mm-hmm. , I am the life. Yeah. Right before you. He who believes in me though, he die, shall live. Come on. Yes. And he who lives and believes in me shall never die.

[00:25:38] He is the life. That’s right. That’s good. Yeah. He. Is the life. So what do we do? He’s the way. How do we respond? What’s the what? He’s the way, He’s the truth. He’s the life. So how do we respond? And I believe Jesus already answered this question in the very first verse of that chapter, Chapter 14, John 14, one.

[00:25:59] He said, Let not your heart be troubled. That word troubled means unsettled. It means stirred up. It means agitated. It is, it denotes mental anxiety from a root of fear and anxiety and per and perplexing. There are some, as we have already seen this morning, there are some perplexing things going on in the world.

[00:26:26] Would you not agree? And if that’s all that we focus on, on what’s going on, all these perplexing, crazy, foolish things that are going on in the world, then our hearts. Might be troubled and maybe your heart is troubled this morning. Maybe there’s something going on in your marriage. Maybe there’s something going on in your family.

[00:26:44] Maybe you have a son or a daughter that’s wayward or not walking with the Lord. I don’t know. Maybe something that’s going on in your business. Maybe you lost your job, maybe you lost your business. Maybe you’re facing a is seemingly impossible mountain this morning, and it’s weighing heavy on you this morning.

[00:26:59] Well, I have some good news for you this morning. Here’s what Jesus said, If your heart is troubled, he said, You believe in God, believe also in me. Why? Because he’s the resurrection. He’s the life. He’s the conqueror. He’s the king of kings and the Lord of lords, and he’s ruling and reigning. So how do I believe number one, you gotta behold him.

[00:27:21] We have to behold. John said it this way, and John were 1 27. As Jesus was coming to him, John said, Behold, behold. He didn’t say, Hey, behold, he said, Behold, he’s making a declaration. Think about this is the fulfillment. This is what God spoke of in the prophets. This is what, since the creation of time, since the foundation of time, he’s here, he’s on the scene, He’s walking, behold the lamb of God, who takes away the sin, the world.

[00:27:57] You don’t have to be broke. No more . You don’t have to be bound in sin no more. Amen. Amen. Why? Because Jesus. Yeah. Behold the lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world. Yes. Now, not soldier in church, but the church at large. We haven’t done the greatest job of preaching the gospel of the kingdom. We behold the lamb of we behold the lamb who takes away the sin of the world, which is great.

[00:28:22] That’s the gospel of salvation. But we don’t, when we behold we don’t just need to behold. This, the, uh, lamb who takes away the sin of the world. We need to behold the king. Eternal. That’s right, immortal, invisible. The only wise God see the gospel of the kingdom is this. Not only did Jesus die, was buried and raised from the dead, but he ascended and he is thrown.

[00:28:51] He is seated on a throne at the right hand of the Father, and he poured out his Holy Spirit. Yes. That’s the gospel of the kingdom. Yes, The kingdom of God is within us. Mm-hmm. . Now I wanna preface, I’m not angry this morning, so don’t I, Bag bucks. Excuse me. I just wanna make sure I’m very passionate. I love the Lord

[00:29:12] I love Jesus. I, I’m, you know, I’ve been to, I mention this in first service. Um, I love football. How many y’all love, love football? Yes, I know, I know. Maddox over here loves football. I love football too. I’m a big cowboy fan. Don’t hold that against me. But, uh, I’ve been to some cowboy games. I remember one time I was at a cowboy game.

[00:29:28] And they’re waving a towel and I mean, they’re, and I’m looking around and they’re screaming and yelling and I’m just kind of, I’m looking around and I’m, I’m, I’m a pretty engaged and love that, you know, but I look over and this one guy’s looking at me cuz I’m not as excited as him. And he’s like, Come on, come on.

[00:29:43] I’m like, I don’t even, you know why? I mean, it’s a football game. I mean, I love football, but you know, I, I don’t even know hardly any of those. I don’t know the cowboys. I don’t know them. You want me to get all excited and shout and scream and make all this noise? Well, how, And then, and then we come to church and we’re just gonna sit.

[00:30:00] There and we’re not gonna express anything, and we’re not gonna engage. And we’re just gonna just come in and check it off. Like I checked off church. No, I’m not gonna do that. Why we He is the King of Kings. He’s the Lord of Lords. Listen, if we just come here, if we just come here just to check it off in the box, then this is a.

[00:30:21] This is not supposed to be a tomb. This is supposed to be a womb where we gather together and the Holy Spirit is moving and he’s activated in you and you got a word for somebody. You pray for somebody, Holy Spirit, you encounter Jesus, and something ignites on the inside of you. And then we go out there and we be the church to the unchurch.

[00:30:39] Yeah. We walk in his ways, We stand in his truth and we feed on his life. Yeah. It’s not a time for us to go hide in the corner. Well, what if people, What if they think about me? What if they don’t like me? Who cares? Jesus loves you. That’s all that matters. Who cares? He’s for you. What if they’re against me?

[00:31:04] He’s for you. What if they stop talking to me? Good. Maybe they need to stop talking to you. Maybe you need some new friends. Yeah, that’s right. Maybe that’s God removing them. Some of us, we’ve been weeping it, crying and oh my gosh, so they’re noting my life anymore. Maybe they needed to be outta your life.

[00:31:21] Maybe God moved him outta your life because he’s got a plan. He’s got a destiny. He’s got a purpose for you. Yeah. Don’t let anything get in that way, so we’d behold. And here’s one of the beautiful things that we grab hold of. As you behold him. One of the most wonderful truths that we could ever grab hold of is just as we behold him, guess what?

[00:31:43] Beholden you . Yes. Amen. It’s really not. It’s not about us. Be when we realize as we behold him, even that faith and the ability and the capacity to behold him came from him As Ephesians two, eight through nine says, We are saved by faith. When we say by grace through faith and that not of ourselves, it is the very gift of God.

[00:32:06] Amen. So that no man can boast. Yes, it’s the gift of God. So when you start to get ready to clap for yourself to say, Man, look how good I’m doing. I’m Kevin, you’re doing pretty. I can’t. I can’t even, All I can do is clap for Jesus. Oh God, look what you’ve done. Thank you, Lord. You saved me. You rescued me. You blessed me.

[00:32:25] You gave me a wonderful husband. You gave me a wonderful wife. You pulled me up out of the pit of despair. You broke off depression. You healed that cancer you said. Me free. I was addicted. I was baed. But I’ve been said, Free baby. Yeah. That’s our God. That’s our God. And I’m not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

[00:32:47] Cause it is the power of God unto salvation instead of tearing for us to be ashamed. No, it’s so for us to stand up and declare the truth. He’s our God. Yeah. We love you. We love you enough to tell you the truth, because he’s the way. He’s the truth. He’s the life. See, and as you behold him, here’s the beautiful thing.

[00:33:13] As we behold him, it’s not a one time deal. It’s moment by moment eyes on him. We become like him. That’s right. Yes. And that’s the goal. God’s goal is that Jesus. We’ll be glorified through you. Amen Jesus, that when people look at you, they see Jesus. Paul said it this way cuz he made a statement in Galatians chapter four.

[00:33:48] He said that I am in anguish of childbirth. First of all, I don’t even know how he knows what childbirth feels like as a man, cuz I know he doesn’t identify. You know what Paul identifies as, uh, Paul identifies as a man dead in Christ. He said in Galatians two 20 that I am crucified with Christ. It’s no longer I who live, but it’s Christ who lives in me.

[00:34:15] And the faith that I live, I now live it by the faith, the life that I now live it by. The, the faith of the son of God who loved me and gave himself for me screwed. But he said in Galatians chapter four that in the anguish of childbirth, that we, that Christ would be formed in us. Amen. See, the goal is not just to get saved, cuz if that was just the.

[00:34:43] Just to behold him and to be gone. It’s not behold and be gone. It’s behold believe, become like Jesus.