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How many of you are ready for the word of God? You guys ready for the word? For those of you that are new, we believe in the word of God. In this church, we believe that the gifts of God have not passed away. We believe they’re active today. We believe that God still heals. He still delivers. He still sets the captors free, sent liberty, those that are captives and who still proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord.

[00:00:22] We believe that God is still on the throne but is active. People, we believe in the power of prayer. We believe in the power of his word. We believe that God still is able to do exceedingly. Not only that, but abundantly. Not only that, but above all that we could ask or think according to the power of God that’s on the inside of us.

[00:00:43] I still believe that revival and the power and spirit of God is what’s gonna turn this nation. I still believe that he is active in the earth today. We believe that the church of God is gonna stand up and rise up and take her rightful place in the kingdom. We believe that the enemy is still defeated and he’s a defeated fae.

[00:01:02] And God has given us the victory. We still believe that we have the mind of Christ and we think his thoughts. We still believe that we can walk in. The power and the fruit of the Holy Spirit and the Spirit of God is still active in believers today, and we still believe that God is moving. People and that he has the final word.

[00:01:21] No matter what circumstance or situation or problem or struggle or difficulty you may be experiencing today, you are in the right place because God, by his power and by his spirit is still the God of breakthrough, and I believe he wants to breakthrough in your life. Today is Jesus name. That’s what kind of church we are.

[00:01:42] Let’s pray. Lord, we thank you for your goodness and your mercy, and we love the fact that you are here among us. You said whether two or three gathered here you are in the midst. You’ve been here all day. You’ve been in us, and so it’s not like you come and leave, but we know in whom we have believe that you are able to keep that, which we’ve committed to you against that day.

[00:02:07] So we thank you, Lord for. We thank you, Lord, that even some today and some that are watching online today, maybe here today with some struggles and difficulties, but we lay it at your feet, Lord, the feet of Jesus, we sang about it. We want to do it today. It’s not just enough to say that we leave it at the feet of Jesus, but Lord we leave it in your hands because we know who you are and you have called us for such a time as this.

[00:02:34] So we thank you for that and we love and bless you in Jesus’. Amen. Amen. Here. Recently, in all of the travels that Vanessa and I have been on in the last few weeks, one of the things that remains to be seen is that when you know you take off, and we were getting ready to leave him this last week, we were in the plane and it was one of those cold and blustery days, where it’s just a sky was socked in and all gray and it was windy and cold and just dreary.

[00:03:04] And I knew we were supposed to be going. , The Bahamas where they, we looked up the weather, it was supposed to be 80 and it was, looking forward to that. And I remember getting on the plane and just your captain speaking and all this stuff and get, put your seatbelt on. And I’m thinking, man, I just want to get to wherever we’re getting.

[00:03:20] I was tired of sitting on planes and stuff. And I remember after takeoff we took off on the runway and, and it’s one of those. Seven 60 sevens and so it takes a little while for it to get up. You can’t help but think I, the reason why it’s taking a little while for it to get up on the, you know what I’m saying, but knowing it’s not at all the reason why the plane has taken a little while to get up and.

[00:03:41] And all of a sudden we are we’re crew. We’re getting ready to cruise and it’s still dark and dreary and raining out, but all of a sudden, boom, we pierced through the clouds and I could see all, it was just blue and it was beautiful, and the sun was out and it was just so glorious. And it was like the sun peered through the window and I could see that it was just, And all of a sudden it took just 1.6 seconds to bust through the clouds and get a different perspective.

[00:04:08] And this morning I wanted to talk to you about prayer because I believe that prayer gives us a different perspective when we align ourselves with who God says that we are. Here’s what I want to tell you on your side of the equation, on your side of the problem, it can look like that. It’s not good, and it can seem like it’s not good.

[00:04:28] Some of you’re up against some things right now that you don’t know how you’re going to come out of it. You don’t know how you’re going to make it. You don’t know what’s going to happen. You don’t know the outcome. All you know is that it looks bad, feels bad, smells bad, looks bad, but I’m telling you, if you could poke through whatever that is, the breakthrough that God has for you on the other side, you’ll realize that it’s.

[00:04:49] Sunny on his side of the equation. It’s always blue on his side of the equation. It’s always good on his side of the equation. How do you know that? Because we know that God works all things together for your. Good. He works it for your good. You may have tried to work it and the more you work it, it looks bad.

[00:05:08] The more you try to do it, it looks awful. The more you try to get involved and try to mess, try to do it. Yes, I said that and try to mess it up. God is saying if you’ll give it to me, if you’ll give it to me and let me have it, if you’ll place it at my feet, if you’ll give it to me because you, some of you are.

[00:05:23] Some of you may be weak, and that is when God says, good, because my strength is made perfect in your weakness. When you are not able to, when you are not able to do it. God says, I am able to do that, which is exceeding abundantly above all that you can ask or think. And so that’s what I love about what God, that’s why I’m happy that heaven has the final word.

[00:05:47] Amen. He has the final word. The doctor doesn’t have the final word. No, the bank statements and all that doesn’t have the final. Your account, you look at it and some of you, it is just how you say it. Some of you look at your account and you go, good God. And some of you look at it and be like, oh good God.

[00:06:04] You just how you say it. The truth is what is God saying about your situation and when? That’s what I’m talking about is prayer this morning, because how I know that everybody in here raise your hand by show of hands, how many of you are praying for God to do something in your life? You’re praying like.

[00:06:20] Hi. Just raise. I’m raising about you. If I could sit down, I’d raise feet and stuff too. Just God you’re praying for God to do something. You put your hand down. Everybody in here is praying for God to do something in their life. And so the old Hyn says, take it to the Lord in.

[00:06:37] In prayer, how? How do you pray? We’ve, some of you, and I know this cuz have been working on this sermon for a while, and that is some of you have been praying for a long time and there’s been no breakthrough and there’s been no movement and it seems like there’s been nothing that’s going on. And the truth is that God is saying because we still believe that faith is still the currency of heaven and believing that God.

[00:07:01] Who he says he is and that he watches over his word to perform it. God is the one who answers prayer. And so the truth is, oh, that the saints don’t pray. You know that even in our church, the prayer meetings are the most least attended meetings that we have. I’m, there shouldn’t be a shock to anybody.

[00:07:20] Now we have other meetings that are well attended and you, our church does really good job at attending things. But I wanna tell you something. Prayer. It’s really what God is calling the church back to. Is that true? Do you believe that? Calling us back to prayer, we have prayer meetings, we have healing prayer, we have ladies prayer, we have, I pray with a group of guys every week I love prayer, but I know that it is all, we all, we have people from all different walks of life, and the truth is that some people don’t know how to pray.

[00:07:50] Some people may not know how to pray. Some people may have given up on. The truth is that prayer still works. How many of you have seen prayer work? Raise your hand if you’ve seen prayer work and put your hand down. How many of you have seen a miracle? If you didn’t raise your hand, I’m looking at some miracles here this morning.

[00:08:10] You are an answer to prayer. We pray for you. Every week we pray. We as pastors, we pray for you. We pray for your families. We pray for God to move on your behalf. We pray. We believe in prayer. We as we pray as a staff together, we pray as pastors together because we believe in prayer. Prayer is the reason.

[00:08:29] Some of you are still here. Some of you didn’t know. People were praying for you, but prayer works and I’m this warning talking about it. If I had a title to a message, it would be not just prayer, just we talk about prayer and we’re talking about spirit empowered prayer. Say that with me. Spirit empowered prayer.

[00:08:48] Say it like you mean it. Spirit empowered prayer and matter. Matter of fact, those are my three. This morning, if you have a Bible turn to John chapter 17. Turn to John chapter 17,

[00:09:07] and we’re gonna look at Jesus’ prayer. And some people call this scholars say that this is the real Lord’s prayer because the, you’re talking about you said no, pastor Grace, you’re talking about the prayer in. No, not talking about the prayer Matthews because the disciples, they said, Jesus teach us to.

[00:09:25] They said they didn’t. They didn’t say, show us how to do miracles. They didn’t show, say, show us how to do signs and wonders to teach us to pray. The most important thing is because they saw Jesus. Praying. They wanted to know how he prayed and saw the connection that Jesus had with the Father because Jesus only did what he saw the Father doing.

[00:09:44] And he only said what he heard the Father saying, and so therefore they wanna know how to pray. So he says, when you pray, say Our Father, which out in heaven, how would be that name? So that prayer, because there’s aspects of that prayer that Jesus can’t pray. Like the part that where he. Give, forgive us our debt as we forgive those who have trespass here.

[00:10:08] He knew no sin, so he can’t pray that prayer. He not one neck to sin. So he doesn’t need to ask for forgiveness because he didn’t sin. So that prayer is for us, but this prayer where he prays for himself and prays for his disciples. And then praise for all believers. We’re gonna look at, we’re gonna look at verse verse six.

[00:10:26] Here’s what it says. This, I want you to look at it. We’re gonna take it piece by piece. He says, I have manifested your name to the men whom you have given me out of the world. They were yours. You gave them to me, and they have kept your word. Now they have known that all things which you have given me are you have given me are from you for I have given to them the words.

[00:10:54] which you have given me, and they have received them talking about the word and have known surely that I came forth from you and they have believed that you sent me. I pray for them saying this I, he’s saying that I’m praying for them, and here’s what I’m praying. I do not pray for the world. Isn’t that amazing that he says, he said, I’m not praying for the world.

[00:11:19] How many of you know that our world needs to be changed? I’m gonna say that again. Some of you guys may not get out much. I’m gonna say, I’m gonna ask you again, , some of y’all. Some of y’all may be socked in. You hadn’t gotten out. How many you know that our world needs to be changed? Not only does our world need to be changed, but our nation needs to be changed.

[00:11:35] Not only does our nation needs to be changed, but the state of Texas need to be changed. We’re gonna bring it home and say, my neighborhood needs to be changed. And there’s some people in my family, I know you’re watching, need to be changed. You understand what I’m saying? He said, I’m not praying for the world.

[00:11:50] I’m praying, and it’s interesting that he says this, I’m not praying for the world, but I am here. Here’s what he’s saying. Here’s the reason why he’s saying that I am. I’m not. He said, I’m not praying. I’m not praying for the world, but for those whom you have given me for, they are yours. And all mine are yours and yours are mine, and I am glorified in them.

[00:12:12] Now. I am no longer in the world, but these are in the world, and I come to you. Holy Father, keep. Through your name, those whom you have given me that they may be one as we are one. That’s what he is saying. Listen, I’m not praying for the world, but I’m praying. Here’s what I’m praying, that the ones that you’ve given me that they would keep your word that I’ve given them.

[00:12:37] Not only would they keep your word, but they would be one together as we are. One, that they would have the same relationship that we. That they would be as one, that they would be connected like we are. Why is he saying that? Why is he praying for them individually? That they would keep his word and that they would also be one as he and the father are one.

[00:12:58] Why would he pray that he’s not praying for the world? Because he’s praying for the disciples? Because when they realize that they’re one with the father, and the father is one with them, and they have the spirit of God on the inside. He’s praying for them because they are gonna turn the world upside down for Jesus.

[00:13:16] How do you change the world? You pray for the world. Pray for the ones that are in the world that are going to turn the world upside down once they realize who they are in Jesus. Do you know that means that once the church finds out who they are in Christ, they will no longer sh shrink back, but they will step up and take their rightful place in the kingdom of God and they’ll stand up for what’s right and they’ll do what God’s called them to do that they won’t be.

[00:13:42] Silent anymore, but they will be loud in the marketplace and they’ll be loud in the places where they are because they realize that the greater God that’s on the inside of me than he that’s in the world, and that God is empowering me to stand up and take my rightful place and the kingdom, and then there’s no place that his presidents can’t go.

[00:14:02] And all of a sudden we will see revival sweep across this nation like never before. And. We’ll have his way in his people, and all of a sudden those crazy people called the church and realized that they have turned the world upside down for Jesus. Pray for the world. I’m praying for you because once you find out who you are in Christ and who Christ is in you, Christ in us, the hope of glory Christ in us, the hope of things to come, the spirit of God that lives on the inside of.

[00:14:38] Spirit empowered prayer because it’s the same spirit that raised Christ from the dead that lives in me. The same one, not a different one. I don’t have a different Holy Ghost than you have the spirit of God that lives on the inside of me. The grave tried to keep him in that tomb, the grave that hell and the grave tried to keep him, but the power of God raised him up out of that grave.

[00:15:02] Amen. And that is the reason why we have to return back to prayer and praying for those that are in our garden, praying for your family, praying for your spouse, and you. Here’s what I love about this, because he’s specific, he says There one is we are, while I was with them in the world, I kept them in your name.

[00:15:19] Those whom you have give, have gave. I have kept, and none of them were lost except the son of tradition that the scripture might be fulfilled. But now I come to you and these things I speak in the world that they may have my joy fulfilled in themselves. What would happen, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, If the world realized that we have the joy of the Lord and it’s our strength, what would happen to this world if they realize that they can’t find joy in drugs, they can’t find joy in the streets, they can’t find joy in all these other places and looking for love in all their wrong place.

[00:15:56] All of that’s going on, but all of a sudden they find the love of God that is shed abroad in our hearts, and they know. By the love they have for one another. They know them because of the love that they have for one another. They know them because of the unconditional love that we have for one another, and they realize that I want that kind of love because they’ve not experienced that before.

[00:16:16] Why would happen if they realize that the joy of the Lord is not something that they talk about, but they live full of joy and the joy of his presence and they gotta smile on their face even after they watch cnn and after they watch and SBC and all the other stuff, and they. That God on the inside is greater than the bad on the outside, and we have joy, unspeakable joy life that no one else can give.

[00:16:43] It’s a joy that the world can’t give and the world can’t take away what would happen if they realize we are That kind of, those kind of people we’re peculiar people. We strange. Huh? You know what? We were stranger things before they made a TV show out of it. We were stranger things we do, they got some stranger things going on over there.

[00:17:04] Yeah. Because it is to you. It’s strange because the message of the cross is foolishness to those that are perishing, but to those of us that are being saved, it’s the power of God. We that strange kind of people look at your neighbor and say, you strange, and some of y’all meant that too much. I don’t like how you how you said.

[00:17:29] Who? He said, he says, he said, I don’t pray. Now this, not this. This is what’s gonna change. Gotta change in verse 15. He says, I do not pray that you should take them out of the world, but you should keep them from the evil one. That’s a little bit different than some of y’all been praying cause some of y’all been praying some glad morning when this life is over.

[00:17:51] You ain’t flying nowhere. . Let me tell you the reason why you ain’t flying nowhere. Because he’s not come yet. And lemme tell you the reason why he says, occupy till I come. We got work to do. We got people to see. We got places to go. We got things to do. God has called us for such a time as this. So put your ticket back in your pocket.

[00:18:13] Yes. We’re not boarding yet. We’re not getting on. We’re not getting on the chariot, the fiery chariot’s gonna fly and take you away. We got things to do. We have a world to change. We have a generation to reach. We got a people group to reach. There’s people lost. And as long as there’s lost people, we are going to be here and we need to win them to bring them out of the kingdom of darkness and into the kingdom of light.

[00:18:35] Amen. Some of y’all looking at me strange, but it’s all good because God is gonna have his way. He said, I’m gonna take you that you, I’m not praying that you take them out, but keep them from the evil. . They are not of the world, just as I am. Not of the world. Sanctify them, which means to set ’em apart by your truth.

[00:18:54] No. Then he says, by your truth. Then he says what it is? Your word is truth. Set ’em apart. Sanctify ’em by your word. That’s what sets us apart. We’re people of the word. Yeah. Sanctify ’em, keep them. And as you have sent me into the world, I have also sent them into the world. And for their sakes, I’ll sanctify myself that they also may be sanctified by truth.

[00:19:20] Now, here’s the thing. God has called us to pray. We gotta get backed up. There is power and prayer we gotta be. He said my house should be called a house. Of prayer, you gonna tell you what we get back to that place. And prayer sometimes is the last thing that we do. But God is saying, you be a people of prayer and you pray until something happens.

[00:19:38] I know that some of you are believing, some of you are trusting God to do something in your life and God is saying prayer. Continue to pray. Continue to press through, continue to press through. Continue to pray and see what God will do. Now here’s the thing, some of y’all, when you are in you pray differently when you are in trouble than when there’s something else that’s going on.

[00:19:56] Anybody know what I’m talking about? Oh yeah. Cause we’ve told people, somebody lied to us and said that you could pray, just pray whatever you want and you can do that. But I think we spend more time praying for things that God has already done instead praying exactly according to his will. Here’s why I’m saying that because the Bible says this.

[00:20:17] This is the confidence. That we have in him the confidence. You wanna have more confidence when you pray. You want to have more boldly coming to the throne of grace, to obtain mercy, to find grace, to help in the time of need. You want to have the confidence. You wanna have confidence when you pray. This is the key.

[00:20:37] This is the confidence that we have in him. Then when we pray according to his, He hears us. You want confidence? Pray according to his will. You want confidence? Pray according not Jesus. Pray the perfect prayer, not my will. Yes, but your will be done. Not what I want, but you what you want, God. That’s ultimately it’s what you want.

[00:21:04] God, not what I want. And then we sit there and say Amen. But how many times do we try to help the Lord out? Anybody know what I’m talking? Lord, it would be good if you would change my spouse, Lord, if you would change them. Ooh, Lord. All you would need to do is just help ’em a little bit just a little bit.

[00:21:21] Just help ’em. If you would do this with them and you would just, and Lord’s I’m working on you. To the best prayer you can pray is Lord change. No, Lord no. Not so Lord, change them. No, he goes, I’m working on you. He goes, yes, Lord. But if you would direct that, just work direct at while you working on my Ooh Lord.

[00:21:44] Just work on them, Lord, just change ’em. Look guys no I’m working on you. Because if you get changed, let tell you something. If God gets a hold of you, then he’ll change everything else around you. And if you’re looking for your outcome or looking for his, Amen. What outcome? Because his outcome is the best.

[00:22:03] There have been times I’ve been like, Lord, if you would just do it this way. And then he says my ways are not your ways, my thoughts. They’re not your thoughts, so I want to get on his page. Amen. There’s been times I’ve been praying. I wasn’t even in the same book. Forget being on the same page. I wasn’t even on the same book, you know what I’m saying?

[00:22:23] He’s I’m in the word, I’m like, If you would just, I told him one time this true story, I said, Lord, if you would just let me prove to you that money won’t change, but just let me hit the jackpot just one time. I love you, Lord. You know what I would do with that money? That was, last week.

[00:22:38] No, I’m just kidding. . It was, I’m kidding. But there’s things that, that you prayed for and God hadn’t answered because you’re praying your will and not his will, and it’s not about what you. I’m gonna say that again. For those of you that didn’t get it the first time, it’s not about. What you want. It’s about what he wants.

[00:22:58] Amen. His will be done. Amen. Amen. His will be done, but there’s still, there’s power and prayer. When you get on the same page with him and pray his will spirit empowered prayer because the spirit of God lives on the inside of you. You know what that means? The spirit of God, his spirit lives in you. So when you pray, you not just praying just prayers, but the very power and essence of the spirit of God that’s praying through you.

[00:23:20] And it’s a powerful thing when you pray. If you believe that every time you pray something’s happen, something always happens. When I pray, I believe that you pray more because you realize that there’s a movement in this. Spirit because God is God. God put his spirit on the inside of you, so his spirit is combined with what you are praying according to the word of God and what he wants.

[00:23:41] That is power. Unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. His power because it’s the power. He said, you shall receive power in Acts one, eight. After the spirit of the Holy Spirit has come upon you, you gonna receive that power to pray and to see something happen. You hear what I’m telling you? Man, I remember when I didn’t know how to pray.

[00:24:01] We prayed as a family. Some of you ain’t here this morning. It’s I don’t know how I pray like that. I would get around people that knew how to pray. I would be around them. I’d be around, my dad would pray, and other people would pray. I’d be like, Ooh, that was good. Or they would pray the word. I’m just like, if I pray the word, if I pray his word, he already said it.

[00:24:18] And he can’t lie. He can’t lie. He gotta watch over every part of his word. So I pray according to his word, Lord. What it is. Lord, I pray that the eyes of my understanding will be enlightened in the knowledge of your will. I pray, Lord, that I would understand and comprehend with all the saints, the width and the death and the height of your love.

[00:24:37] I pray, Lord, that the lights would come on. I pray, Lord, that you would cause my mind to line up with your mind because I have the mind of Christ and I get to think your thoughts. And because I get to think your thoughts, Lord, I believe, Lord that your word. Says that, let the meditations of my mouth and the words of my mouth, the meditation of my heart be acceptable in your sight.

[00:24:53] Oh God, my redeemer. I pray, Lord, that my mouth will line up with the heart. That’s your heart that could bring into alignment to things that you want and everything, Lord, that I have spoken against myself against my family. That doesn’t line up with your word. I repent. Bring me back to the place, Lord, where I’m saying yours.

[00:25:09] To your thoughts, and I’m thinking your thoughts, and I’m aligning with your will Lord. I know I’ve said some things. I’ve done some things, but I’m coming back to the heart of worship where it’s all about you. I’m coming back in alignment with your will because in your will is a perfect place to be. I pray Lord, not only that, but I pray God that you would cause my footsteps to be ordered by the Lord and you delight delighting my way.

[00:25:29] Fall. I shall not utterly be cashed down, and even if I fall seven times, I’m gonna rise again. Because you said though, a man fall seven times, he’ll get back up. I pray, Lord, that you would surround me with your angels because your word says that you would give your angels charge over me. They would give you charge over my family that they wouldn’t even dash your foot against a stone.

[00:25:47] I thank you, Lord, that you’re bringing about the financial provision because thou oh Lord are a shield for me. You are the glory and the lifter of my head. You do own a cow on a thousand Hill, you. My provider, your name is Jehovah Jra. You are the one that provides for me. You are the one that is sufficient.

[00:26:05] You are my portion. You are my portion forever. And God, I know that all things are working together for my good. I can’t see it, but I know you’re working. I don’t know it, but I know you’re working because you are a good God and you are. The God that I serve and you’re able to do that, which I’ve committed to you and I’m able to do those things.

[00:26:22] I am your child and I know you are a good father and you are a God that supplies and does everything that you can to make sure that I have what I need to do, your will. So I come in a line and I’m praying power and spirit empowered prayers. A lot of times what we do, we try to leave things in Jesus’ feet.

[00:26:42] Lord, I laid at your feet and we’re we get religious about it.

[00:26:49] I’m gonna lay it at your feet. God, I’m laying it at your feet. I’m all in. All my chips are in laying at your feet. It’s right there at your feet. By your pinky toe. Right there. Right there by. It’s right there. I’ve given it to you. It’s yours. If you’re not gonna do anything with it, I’ll just pick it back up and take it.

[00:27:12] And we, you laugh, but we do that all the time. You do. Because we worry about it. We mold it over, we think about it, runs through our mind, runs back again, runs through it again. And God is saying, if you really give it to me, just drop it off and let me have it. Amen. Because I can do what you cannot do.

[00:27:33] I’m able to do and go further than you can in your own might because it’s not by might know about power, but. My spirit says the Lord. Yes. Amen. I’m gonna end with this cause He’s talking about spirit and powered prayers. We’re gonna go to James. He said the affect fervent prayers of a righteous man avails much.

[00:27:54] Some of you have been trying to figure out on your own. And is there something that you, there’s some things you just can’t do. I remember during the Christmas season, our daughter, our youngest daughter, I was looking at her, we were on the cruise and I was just looking at her and she was just smiling.

[00:28:06] I was like, she’s so gorgeous. But there was a time when she had a. And there’s not, as a dad, we can fix everything. Dads can just do that, right? We’re designed to do that. I’m looking at some of my friends they care for, their daughters care for and, but there’s nothing like when you have father and you’re seniors daughter, just go into a seizure, eyes roll in the back of her head and she’s convulsing and there’s nothing I can do.

[00:28:28] There’s nothing I’m supposed to protect. Dads can do anything, put anything together without instructions. We don’t even need instructions. That’s how good we are at that moment. I’m sitting there watching. Convulsed and I’m just like, ah, I got nothing. The only thing I can do is I pray. I just started praying in the spirit.

[00:28:48] I start praying in the. And as I was praying in the spirit, I could feel the power of God rising. Anybody ever experience that what your weak is, you don’t know what to do. And the spirit of God just started rising up on the inside and I’m praying cuz she had gotten a temperature that was 1 0 5 and it caused her to go into a seizure.

[00:29:04] And I’m praying they rushed her to the hospital and by the time I got there, she was sitting up in the bed and just Hey. I’m like, wow. Then I started thinking about the hospital, bill

[00:29:18] Let tell you the reason why that’s funny. The reason why that’s funny is we can’t get to praise God for what he did because we start worrying again about the next thing. Amen. How about you? Thank the Lord for what he just did.

[00:29:34] I remember when Pastor Terry was when he had sepsis. You guys don’t realize this, but we were miracles. We were some miracles in this. Paul Kramer Stand up. Paul Kramer stands a miracle. When he was electrocuted, he shouldn’t be here. That man shouldn’t be here, but he’s still here. Pastor Terry had sepsis and he was, he made same thing, convulsing and was not supposed to be here.

[00:29:54] I remember calling mom calls Susan and saying, Hey, I. She what’s going on? She’s he, she goes, Chris, there are wires everywhere. But I remember just like when I was in, I remember the prayers of the saints. There is something about the power of the prayers of the saints, even when you can’t even pray for yourself.

[00:30:12] The prayers of the saints. That’s why the Bible says that the prayer, the affectual, it’s effective. It’s fervent. The word fervent means to wax hot. That’s what it means. And the Bible means it gets hot. So I’m saying heat up your prayer. I’m not talking about a microwave prayer because there’s sometimes when you don’t have time to go, Lord, I just want to come to you today and I just want to thank you for your many blessings.

[00:30:33] And I just wanna thank you, Lord, that you’re, Good. You’re amazing in every way, and I just wanna bless you for all you are. There’s sometimes you gotta pick up the red phone and be like, Lord hell,

[00:30:46] anybody know what I’m talking about? I don’t know what to do. Shit making me crazy. I’m not talking about you, babe. I’m talking about other people in my life. They’re making me crazy. I don’t know what I’m gonna do. Pick up the red phone, help. You know what I’m talking about. He answers that prayer. Same as the one.

[00:31:02] Lord, I just come to you today and. Want to thank you and my eye is twitching, but I just wanna bless you, Lord, because he still picks up. And I remember, I still remember when she said there’s wires everywhere, but I remember there was another wire that was hooked up to heaven because that wire that was hooked up to heaven, people were praying and all of a sudden, There’s an old song that the old black folks used to sing in the church.

[00:31:25] It’s the Jesus is on the main line. Tell him what you on. I said, Jesus is on the main line and tell him what you on. And we said, Jesus is on. The main line, tell him what you want. And laid over here said, I said, call him up and tell him what you want. And so I’m tell you, I don’t know if there was people praying and singing that song.

[00:31:54] All I know is that Pastor Terry is still here because people have prayed and believe God that he’s a miracle working God and the same God that work that miracle or work a miracle in your life if you’ll believe that God is. Says he is. Do you hear what I’m telling? I’m gonna end with this. I remember going to a hospital praying for a lady who had cancer and and there was some there with some pastors and they were in there and it was all of us.

[00:32:22] We were all pastors in there. She had cancer and them guys were there going, Lord, if you want to, if you’re thinking about it, would you just heal our sister? And would you just don’t just come by here, Lord and touch her would just, if you want to, I call Pastor Terry when I got, I go don’t let those, if I’m in the hospital, don’t call them people.

[00:32:42] I don’t let them come in my hospital room. I don’t want you bring some people got some faith and some anointing oil and pour some oil on me, but we couldn’t find, no, we couldn’t find no anointing. All get some Crisco, find something, fry some chicken and bring the chicken and the oil and anoint me so that I can get healed because I believe that God still heals today and he still delivers.

[00:33:09] And he’s still judged by the power of a miracle. Do you hear what I’m telling you? Don’t come up in my hospital bed talking about Lord, if you’re thinking about it. He thinking about it. He provided for my healing. Come in here, talk. Get out. That’s what I’m gonna say. Get out. Jesus had to do that. Then he, pastor Terry, how’d y’all get outta here?

[00:33:30] I’m coming with the the thunder. You know what I’m saying? I’m gonna bring the reign, on the reign of the spirit up in here. Y’all get out. I’m coming here with some faith in this. Oh yeah. Of little. Get outta here. I come in here, come with some faith. We gotta get back to prayer. Amen. Spirit empowered prayer.

[00:33:48] And I want you again, assume closing, raise. Raise your hand if you are. Just believe in God right now for something. Put both hands up. I’m gonna pray for you right now. Just. In the name of Jesus. I’m praying, Lord, that the same spirit, even right now, he’s in this. The same spirit of God in this. You’re believ.

[00:34:06] Some of you, I wanna say this to you, just as I’m praying, keep your hands up. The Lord is saying that not only does he want to heal you, your physical bodies, when we think about healing, we start to think about physical bodies. The Lord is saying that I want to heal mental. Issues as well. Some of you have had some mental issues and some emotional hurts and pains and some oppression and you’ve gone to the doctor, you’re, and you’re taking the medication.

[00:34:28] Hey, I’m not telling you don’t take your medication, but I want to tell you that the God who heals is in the room. The great physician is in the room. Lord, I want to thank you for that. I want you out of your own mouth to thank the Lord for him being the great physician right now, just outta your mouth.

[00:34:51] Walt, I want you to stand right now. I’m gonna pray. Walt, I want you to stretch your hands out toward Walt right now, and the name of some of you guys get around him and the name of Jesus. I am praying for a miracle. We are praying for God. I feel like the Lord is saying this right now. Praying God for your power and your anointing to break whatever the doctor has said in the name of Jesus.

[00:35:13] We’re praying for a complete. Right now, somebody else who has a need in the and right now, physical need, go ahead and stand right now. Believe that the great, the doctor is in the room the great physician. I know he ain’t the only one. There’s some of you right now, somebody else just stand.

[00:35:25] You got something in your body that needs healing. We pray God, right now for Jesus name, the inspiration power of the Holy Spirit in this place. In the name we believe that God is who he says he is. Somebody if you need financial breakthrough. Some of you need financial breakthroughs right now. When Jesus think, Lord, we’re just asking you, we invite your presence every part of his soul, every part Lord, every cell, every ligament, every blood flow issue.

[00:35:55] Lord, right now, when Jesus think we break it right now, when Jesus think it’s the power of your presence, Lord, that’s in this place and we believe that some of you have children or whatever it is that you need the spirit of God to touch, they may not even be in this. . But I want to tell you, he’s able to do it.

[00:36:12] He’s able to do it. He’s able to do it. Lord, we thank you for that in Jesus’ name. I’m not trying to bring attention to anything or anybody other than the power and presence of the Holy Spirit. God, you’re the healer. You’re the God who heals. Lord, you’re the God who heals. Lord, I know what the doctor said, but I wanna say, Lord, you have the final word.

[00:36:35] You have the final word, Jesus. Jesus. Jesus Lord, we thank you Lord. That is the power of your who. I know that you can do it. God.

[00:36:49] Yay. Yes. Thank you Lord. Why don’t you all stand? Let’s all stand some. I’m gonna write to you, but I don’t wanna, I don’t wanna do anything without the spirit of releasing in this place. I, here’s what I believe that. It’s just now that I’m realizing, I’m not saying it’s Israel or something or whatever, but here’s I anticipate every time we meet God breaking out in our services.

[00:37:14] Amen. There’s not a time that we come together that I’m thinking, if you want to, I feel like when I wake up in the morning, he’s going, don’t even ask me. I want to . Yeah. I want to. Yes. And so there were people in the Bible that would say, if you’re willing, God, if you’re willing, would you would.

[00:37:32] And Jesus would come to him and say, do you wanna be made? And so the answer is always Yaha. Yes Lord. So your answer is yes, Lord. I’m gonna help you out. Your answer is yes. Yes, Lord.